Monday, May 12, 2014

Project Life | Weeks 14 - 19

WEEK 14: Boys head to Arizona & California for Spring Break


Landon turns 6

WEEK 16: all about Easter

My sweet friends come to visit for a weekend.

WEEK 17: enjoy nice weather and playtime

Taking care of Jetta and hoping he gets better.

WEEK 18: Elitch Gardens

WEEK 19: Cinco de Mayo and saying goodbye to Jetta

Mother's Day weekend with snow and a dance competition.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Project Life | Weeks 12-13

Week 12 I turned 37...kept believe how fast the years are creeping up on me. We had dinner with our Denver family at PF Chang' of my favorite restaurants.

I was able to get away with my mom and some of our dear friends to Las Vegas for a wonderful weekend. We got massages, relaxed, saw the Millionaire Quartet, ate good food, walked on the Strip, and made some great memories. Hank took care of our little ones so I could get away and relax. I really appreciate these times!

Week 13 was the last week of school before Spring Break. Grandpa Don flew in and will be taking the boys back to Arizona for a 10 days. That will be the longest time I have ever been away from them.

Taylor had a dance competition and her group did great! All three kids were given goldfish leftover from a retirement party that we attended. To keep the goldfish alive, we went and bought them filtered tanks, decorations for the tanks, and fish food. Taylor named her fish Lucy. Landon named his fish Chuck. Ryland named his fish Nemo. Sadly, all three fish died within five days.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Project Life | Weeks 9-11

WEEK 9: light snow, loving our new church and piano lessons for Landon

Follow-up eye exam for Ryland ( now we have to patch his eye for a couple hours a day) and game night with our dear friends.

WEEK 10: Taylor starts reading to herself before bed...

busy work week, 16 year anniversary dinner, and a picnic in the park.

WEEK 11: field trip to the library and reading contest

ending the week with our first Colorado minor league hockey game. It was so much fun!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Project Life | Weeks 5-8

WEEK 5: snow, sledding and Principal's List...

that sadly ended with Super Bowl defeat.

WEEK 6: working long hours from home & report cards...

and the Winter Olympics.

WEEK 7: Valentine's, snow, well checks...

special visit from Grandma Carol, ice skating, The Lego Movie, special Valentine's dinner, and date day in downtown Denver.

WEEK 8:Denver Zoo day with Grandma Carol...

Taylor's 2nd dance competition

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Project Life | Weeks 3 & 4

Week 3 was pretty great! Ryland finally got his eyeglasses. I am hoping that they stay on him and actually help. He prefers to not have them on so that could be a challenge. We celebrated Taylor's birthday on the 19th so I included her invitation in this week's spread.

My parents came in town for Taylor's birthday and that made it special. And I included a few photos from Taylor's birthday celebration at Chuck E. Cheese...I couldn't talk her out of that location :)

Week 4 included Taylor's actual birthday on Tuesday. Since the kids had Monday off of school, we took my parents to the Downtown Aquarium. We ate lunch there while the mermaids swam in the was great. Sadly, on Tuesday Taylor came home with a fever. She ended up having the flu for the rest of the week.

Taylor's fever broke on Friday so she was able to compete in her first dance competition for Starstruck. However, Hank had to stay home with the boys who were down with the flu. The kids have missed a few days of school this week. I can't wait to they are healthy's not fun being sick.