Thursday, February 24, 2011

Blankies, Spring Break & Ringing the Bell

{FRIDAY} Tonight I met up with some of my best friends from 4-8th grade. Sadly, I haven't seen Josey and Julie in almost 15 years. Knowing that we all live in the same state, we've decided to meet up several times a year.

{SATURDAY} Our friends, the Migrays, came over for a visit tonight. Taylor and Mollee had a great time playing together and styling each other's hair.

{SUNDAY} My kids each have a beloved blanket. They aren't attached to really anything else besides their blankies...well Landon has his Nemo too.

{MONDAY} Taylor and Landon have the week off for Spring Break. Since we haven't had to rush off to school in the mornings, we took our time and played in our jammies. Ryland is really starting to enjoy the train table in his room. He is growing up so quickly...kind of sad.

{TUESDAY} Taylor is very opinionated about what she wears. In fact, she fights me on anything that doesn't consist of a dress and leggings. My girl has too many dresses, especially now that we have Mollee's hand-me-downs. Taylor even changes out her dresses throughout the day. And when "The Fresh Beat Band" comes on TV, she gets a bit stubborn about dressing just like her favorite character Kiki.

{WEDNESDAY} It took me a week to make the crepe paper rose balls for Taylor's room. They are so cute and really complete her room. She loves them too...thankfully...because they took hours upon hours to make.

{THURSDAY} Taylor was looking forward to going to preschool today because it was her turn to ring the bell for her classmates to tell them when puzzle time was coming to a close. I think she likes to be in charge...hmmm.
Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ducks, Dancing & Dirt

{SUNDAY} We took the kids to the park and to feed the ducks today. We wanted to be intentional about spending quality time together as a family to show each other love. Since Valentine's Day was going to be on a Monday when Hank was at work, we decided to celebrate a little today. The water was so gross and green, I had to make the photo black and white.

{MONDAY} Today I gave the kids their Valentine's gifts. They each had a special card written just to them and a small gift. The biggest hit of the gifts, which all three kids love to play with, are small plastic sea creatures.

{TUESDAY} Here are the sea creatures that all three kids play with. I gave them a bowl of water and Taylor and Landon spent a long time giving them a bath, getting them dirty and then washing them off again. I guess they can relate!

{WEDNESDAY} Taylor was so excited for the Daddy/Daughter Dance. All day long she kept on asking, "Is it time to get ready yet?" Taylor picked out her dress and I did her hair and the girl looked absolutely beautiful. They both had a great time and came home with a personalized mug that Taylor and Hank painted together at the event.

{THURSDAY} This is my life lately. Clean something up, watch it get messy, and then clean up again. Ryland didn't know that dirt was only for outside! I swear, I turn around for one minute and this is what happens. Such a boy!

Taylor's Photo Shoot

Here are some photos from Taylor's photo shoot from a few weeks ago. Each birthday, I have photos taken of the kids to memorialize their youth. Lorie, my neighbor and friend, gifted me with a photo shoot. I used it on Taylor and she was the perfect model. The photos are great!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Dance

Tonight was the annual Daddy/Daughter Dinner & Dance at our church. Taylor looks forward to this night every year. All day she was giddy with excitement. She knew exactly what dress she wanted to wear and was all ready for Daddy when he arrived home. This year, I didn't send my camera with Hank to the dance. Even though I would have loved to seen photos of them dancing, I didn't want Hank to worry about getting photos for me and taking time away from Taylor. Thankfully, the dance takes a professional photo of the dads and daughters and we will get that in a few weeks. I can't wait to have that for our memory books. As I was getting Taylor ready for the evening, I was awestruck at how she is really growing up into a beautiful, fun and sweet little lady. Seems like just yesterday I couldn't put her down because I didn't want to miss a single moment of holding my new baby. Now, she is off to dinner and dances. Thankfully it was with her Daddy!
Saturday, February 12, 2011

Feeling the Love

{TUESDAY} Landon and Taylor went over to a neighbor's house to play today. On their walk home, they picked flowers and were so proud of them. In this photo, Landon was giving me his flower that he picked. 

{WEDNESDAY} We met at McDonalds with my parents and aunt Monica to see her one last time before she flew back to Canada. We picked a McDonalds so that the kids could play while we sat and chatted. We miss her already and hope she can come back soon to see us again.

{THURSDAY} Even though I made photo Valentines for the kids for their school parties, I still had Taylor practice writing her name on the Dora Valentines that my mom gave her. Taylor was able to pass out both Valentine cards this year.

{FRIDAY} Here are the Valentines that I made for Taylor and Landon. Taylor had two Valentine's Day parties and Landon was able to enjoy his very first party this year in the toddler class.

{SATURDAY} I love this boy! He is so playful and has a sense of humor. And this boy loves attention as most children do. Ryland is so yummy especially after he has his nighttime bath, baby lotion and pajamas on.
Monday, February 7, 2011

Beauty Parlor, Bunco & Build-A-Bear

{TUESDAY} Recently my aunt Monica flew out from Canada for a visit. She came over for a couple of days to visit and see the kids. Within a couple hours of her arrival, she had Taylor practicing her beauty parlor skills on her. It was a wonderful time to be with family and to see my favorite aunt ever!

{WEDNESDAY} My aunt graciously brought me three boxes of Old Dutch ketchup flavored chips that are only available in Canada. If you know me well, you know I am addicted to this yummy goodness. I hate to say it, but I am down to my very last box. I will be so sad when I eat the very last potato chip.

{THURSDAY} Tonight I played bunco with some of the neighbor ladies. We try to play once a month and always have a good time. My buddie Brenda hosted this month and had the cutest Valentine set -up for us. I walked away with $10 for having the most wins. Yay!

{FRIDAY} Tonight we had our second WyldLife club of the year at our neighbor's house. It was a fun night and several of the junior high kids in our neighborhood showed up for the event. It's such a blessing to be a part of this crazy group!

{SATURDAY} Our house has been hit hard this winter with sickness. Coughing has been keeping the kids up at night so we gave them a breathing treatment before bedtime and they slept more peacefully.

{SUNDAY} While I was sick in bed, all day long, at home, Hank took Taylor and Landon to Kat and Brody's 4th birthday party at Build-A-Bear. I was really hoping to go to the party myself, but had to let Hank take them. I was so excited to hear all of the details and see what type of "bears" the kids would come home with.

{MONDAY} Today I took Taylor to the doctor for her 4 year well exam. I didn't know immunizations would be a part of the exam. Sad to say, I had to spring the bad news to Taylor that she would be getting not one but FOUR shots today. After lots of tears and snuggles, Taylor took the shots like a pro. She did so well and I was so proud of her! Now she won't need another shot until she is 11. Yippee!