Sunday, October 28, 2012

Project Life | Week 42 & 43

Week 42 included a special visit from my Aunt Monica who was down here from Canada. That was a special treat! This week we decided to "boo" one of our neighbors. Taylor and Landon had such a blast. They were so excited that when they saw our neighbors the next day, they told them we did it! A petting zoo came to the kids' school this week too!

The week ended with a movie playdate while Hank and I went to our core group, Tolmachoff Farms on Friday, and Lucy's 5th birthday party at a local gym.

Week 43 focused a lot on Lynette, Hank's sister, who would have turned 33 on October 22. The kids wanted to make sure she was having a birthday party in heaven so we got balloons and released them in the air as we sang Happy Birthday. It was a sweet moment. Even though our children have never had the chance to meet their aunt, we still celebrate her!

This week was also special because we attended Family Night at the kids' school and were able to see what they are currently working on. Taylor has added math to her worklist. Ryland is still getting comfortable in his new settings. Landon is mastering letters and their sounds so that he can move onto spelling.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Project Life | Week 41

Week 41 | Can't believe the year is almost over! This week we had picnic at a local park with the Migrays -- love them! Taylor also started to read for the first time sentence after sentence! I was so in awe, I had to capture this moment. And Hank and his Carol celebrated their birthdays this week too!

The watermelons are growing in our garden as well as the weeds in the backyard. Oh well, you win some, and you lose some. Then on Saturday, the kids dressed up for Boe's Super Hero Birthday. While I took Taylor to dance, Hank and his dad took the boys to a safety response event and sat in a medical helicopter and saw fire engines and the bomb squad. Good times! 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Project Life | Week 40

WEEK 40 | Started off with our monthly dinner with my sweet college friend and their hubbies and children. I am a lucky girl to have so many precious friends. This week was also BIG for my Ry Ry. He transitioned from the toddle class to PRESCHOOL. He cried the first day for his beloved teacher, Miss Dawn. But from what I hear, he is quite content exploring the preschool room and making new friends. His new teacher, Miss Farhana, is excited to have him in the same class as his siblings.

In this spread, I also included a photo of my precious Taylor and her unique, spunky style. She loves to wear bright, colorful knee-high socks! Landon's new drum sticks finally arrived in the mail so he can drum again....pretty much a daily occurrence. And last but not least, my in laws took the kids for the weekend to go camping at Lake Pleasant. The kids had such a good time, and Hank and I had a fabulous time taking it slow and relaxing a little bit.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Right Now

At this very moment, a lot is going on behind the scenes. And somehow, I feel like very little is happening. So to help me capture the present day, I've been mulling over in my head was is really happening "right now."

  • I am enjoying some alone time with Ryland while his siblings are at school. Most days, I pick Ryland up at 11:30 and we have until 3:00...alone.
  • I am still enjoying naptime. When Ryland naps, I try to's orders.
  • The weather is cooling down, and it feels great. Still not quite ready for jeans and sweaters but almost!
  • As Hank searches for a new career, he continues to help a dear friend with his pool business.
  • I'm almost 100% sure that my foot is broken. And since I haven't been to the doctor yet, I am trying to elevate and ice it as much as possible.
  • I am really enjoying all of the new fall TV shows. My favorite is The Voice.
  • Landon is still taking speech therapy once a week.
  • Taylor is a beginner reader!
  • Ryland is deeply in love with his cars. He also keeps asking for the circus and the monster truck show.
  • Our garden is overgrown and needs some desperate attention.
  • Our fun neighbors "booed" us last night and gave us a basket full of goodies.
  • I am working two days on the road and work most nights at home.
  • I feel like I am constantly doing laundry, and picking up all of our stuff, and cleaning.
  • I am anticipating the upcoming election and praying for America.
  • I am unmotivated to work out and cut out soda.
  • I am thankful to have little children who are potty trained!
  • I am addicted to Subway's turkey, bacon & guacamole sandwich.
  • I am teetering between stressing about the holidays and looking forward to it.
Monday, October 8, 2012

Project Life | Week 39

Time is flying by! So much is happening right now. Landon started full-day preschool this week. He was super stoked about eating lunch at school with his friends. He has even started packing his own lunch bag for school. Taylor had her bi-weekly Polished Cornerstones Bible study. The girls were taught about the importance of obedience and learned how to make homemade soap. It was a super fun experience!

This week we also headed up to Prescott with over 100 of our dear friends from church for Family Camp. The kids had a blast and the weather was perfect! We went on hikes and scavenger hunts and played as much as possible before heading back  home on Sunday. The kids now have their own youth sleeping bags so they were pretty happy!