Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Camping & Cooling Off

{THURSDAY} Hank was able to take a couple of much-needed days off to give us a long weekend together as a family. Today was also Taylor and Landon's last day of school. So Hank let me stay home and nap while he shuttled the kids around. I wish he was home every day!

{FRIDAY} Today we headed to Lake Pleasant to camp overnight in Grandpa and Grandma's RV trailer. The kids love it so we do it for them. We've come to realize that there is nothing relaxing about camping with little ones. It's fun though and gives us a change of scenery which is always a good thing. Ryland was helping Hank barbecue brats and corn. Yum!

{SATURDAY} We had a bite to eat at Dillon's restaurant at Lake Pleasant. The kids were so intrigued by the ducks and fish swimming below us. After lunch, we took a walk around the marina and checked out all of the cool boats.

{SUNDAY} I love this candid photo of Hank watching Ryland like a hawk because our little one has no fear around the pool. And I mean absolutely no fear at all. It's quite scary to watch him around water. Landon was taking a break from the water and drying out while Taylor was looking underwater with the goggles on.

{MONDAY} We spent Memorial Day with my parents and brother Stephen, Joann and their kiddos at a hotel in Scottsdale. We parents were staying a couple of nights at the hotel and invited us over to swim. It was fun to get together as a family and spend a day in the pool.

{TUESDAY} Taylor's costume for her upcoming dance recital needed some slight alterations. So I spent some time today securing all of the tassels to the leotard. Taylor isn't allowed to wear this costume until the dress rehearsal and the anticipation is killing her. Love my girl!
Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cruisin', Carwash, Cousins & Cowboy Boots

{FRIDAY} Our neighbors invited us over for a prime rib dinner. It was so tasty! Taylor and her neighborhood friend Brayden play so well together. He was so sweet to Taylor and let her wear his beloved astronaut costume while he dressed up as Superman. And he let her drive his Jeep. And when saying goodbye, he said he loved her. <3 <3

{SATURDAY} Hank headed up a benefit carwash today to allow our junior high students to fundraise for camp. While Taylor was at dance class, I took the boys to the carwash. Our friends, the Mac Pack, stopped by to get their car washed. And their son Boe helped Landon and Liz wash their car. The boys loved it.

{SUNDAY} After a yummy lunch together, Erik and LeeAnne stopped by to take our crib and diaper changing table away. They just had a baby and needed some baby furniture so we gave them ours. Little Caleb is precious and will one day soon enjoy his new room.

{MONDAY} Tonight Taylor attended a birthday party for one of her Gymboree buddies. The party was at Pump It Up and Taylor exerted every ounce of energy she had on the giant inflatables. I even took a few turns down the giant slide with her. It was really fun!

{TUESDAY} Kendrie and Laila are in town so they stopped by to check out the water slide and play a little. It ended up being a hot day so slip 'n' slide was the perfect afternoon activity.

{WEDNESDAY} Ryland has figured out how to put on Landon's cowboy boots, and he will wear them all of the time unless I hide them. Sometimes the boys fight over who gets to wear them. I thought this photo was precious of Ryland wearing the boots during lunch in his highchair. 
Thursday, May 19, 2011

Super Slide, Single Beds & Start of Summer

{SATURDAY} I finally redeemed a gift card for Landon's birthday and got him a slip and slide. Let's just say all of us have been enjoying it! Ryland is such a crack up too! He loves it and bolts for the backyard whenever possible. We've even had some friends over this week to try it out.

{SUNDAY} Today Hank and his dad took down the crib and moved in the two single beds for the boys room. I love how it looks. I still want to make headboards but that will have to wait a bit. When I know change is about to happen in the near future, I would rather quickly approach the new set of circumstances than delay and wait for the change to happen. I will probably be kicking myself tonight when Ryland has a hard time sleeping in his new bed. I really could have hung on to the crib for a bit longer, but we have some friends who need it soon. All in all, I love the surfer theme in the room and hope the boys will grow to love it too!

{MONDAY} Our kids definitely have some of mommy's traits and some of daddy's. I absolutely hate watermelon and all melons in general and think they are a waste of a fruit, but my kids love them. They have been requesting watermelon every single day. Gotta love summer time!

{TUESDAY} Yes, it's been a rough week for Ry Ry. Not only did I take his crib away, I took the bottles away. There are no more bottles in our home. Kind of a sad realization that I have no more babies, but I'm sure the new phase of life will be equally sweet. I just love the first few years of life. Precious ages! 

{WEDNESDAY} This morning Ryland and I had a lunch date with my friend Krystal and her 8-month old daughter. Ryland loved seeing a baby! He couldn't keep his hands off of her...literally!

{THURSDAY} Today was Taylor's last day at Cross of Glory. The school has been a wonderful experience and the teacher's are so sweet. Taylor will miss her friends from this school too. Now we can focus on one school for all three kids starting in August. Exciting times ahead!
Friday, May 13, 2011

McDonalds, Markers & Mother's Day

{THURSDAY} Ryland loves to grab picture frames around the house and talk to the people in the photo. Sadly, he still calls everyone "Dadda" except the cat is "Jedda" for Jetta. How fair is it that I am the last one to be called by the right name, Momma?

{FRIDAY} Today we had happy meals for lunch with our friends, the Pollings. Taylor was looking forward to seeing Kat and Brody again. The kids had a good time! And JoJo fed me countless chocolate cookies and my hips were happy.

{SATURDAY} It really doesn't take too much to make Taylor happy. A new set of glitter glue and markers from the clearance rack, and clearly my Martha Stewart is the happiest child in town.

{SUNDAY} Hank and the kiddos made me breakfast in bed. The whole morning was a bit comical--from Ryland screaming the whole time they were making breakfast to the kids sitting on top of me eating my breakfast because they were starving-- but it was special because everything was homemade...from the gifts to the fresh picked flowers from the backyard.

{MONDAY} Tonight we celebrated Mother's Day at my in-laws. I'm sad because I did not get one photo of me and my babies or even a good one of Carol and the kids. I took this one though. Taylor was enjoying her time with her great grandpa Joe. I don't think I have many photos of them together so I am posting this precious one.

{TUESDAY} Hank enjoys taking the kids on post-dinner walks around the neighborhood. I caught this cute photo of Landon with his train conductor hat pushing the push trike.

{WEDNESDAY} I took a photo of the three kids in the tub a year ago for my photo of the day back when Ryland was a baby. It's amazing how much change happens in a year. I love having three kiddos in my tub at night and can't picture it any other way.

{THURSDAY} Big changes coming our way! I sold Landon's toddler bed since he is too big for it and will be passing on Ryland's crib to a dear friend who needs it. And we are being gifted with two single beds for the boys' room. So I have been spending the last week ordering bedding and getting everything ready for the big change over. Big milestones happening!

{FRIDAY} Here is the newest member of our family: Katie. She is 5 years old and just had her birthday on Wednesday according to Taylor. I remember having a giant head when I was a little girl and spent countless hours styling her hair and applying pretend makeup. Taylor is now old enough to enjoy this toy too!
Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Catching Up

{MONDAY} Tonight we had dinner at my in laws. After that, the kids and grandpa played tag on the grass for a little bit. Grandma and Grandpa kept our little ones for the night so Hank and I went home and got a good night's sleep.

{Tuesday} Every Tuesday I get to dress up a little bit for work. This photo is of my favorite pair of shoes. I think I love them so much because of the's one of my favorites besides black. It's so funny because Taylor will color me a picture of all black and say, "Mommy, I made this picture for you with your favorite color." She knows me well! 

{WEDNESDAY} I love these little hands. Soon they will be BIG boy hands.... We highly suspect that Ryland is left handed. While he uses both hands well, he always feed himself with his left hand. Maybe he'll be a genius!

{THURSDAY} My parents came over for a couple of nights to watch the kids while I worked and had an in-depth stress test on my heart. Taylor was snuggling with my mom on the couch. I believe she looks sad in the photo because I told her it was bedtime.

{FRIDAY} While Hank took the kids camping with his Dad, I had a girls night out with my crafting buddies. Tonight's project was a floral topiary. They turned out so cute! I love mine to pieces.

{SATURDAY} Hank took this photo on the camping trip. The kids had a fantastic time and can't wait to go back again. Some of their favorite moments were walking down to the lake, water gun fights, the turtles and the Lake Pleasant museum. While everyone was out of the house, I got serious with some creative home projects.

{SUNDAY} Before packing up and heading home, the kids were served a delicious breakfast. Grandpa Don made yummy meals for everyone and they all bonded. I think this needs to become an annual camping trip!

{MONDAY} Taylor and Landon both love to help me in the kitchen. Tonight Taylor lined up the asparagus on the cooking tray. She also helped make a salad. She is getting more mature each day.

{TUESDAY}This is one of my creative projects that I finished today. It is now my favorite project to date. I love everything about it. I have decided that I will change out the photos at each child's birthday. So while Taylor and Landon's photos are current, Ryland's won't be updated until August when he turns two. 

{WEDNESDAY} This is my other creative project. With some much needed guidance from a good friend, we measured and purchased the wood together. Then I painted everything white and Hank helped build the shelves. Today I have spent some time organizing my new space. It's still in progress, but we love it. There was so much wasted space on both sides of the window. We have wanted professional installers put in bookshelves for years, but could never afford it. So this DIY project was affordable and serves the purpose of filling empty space and adding storage to our office.