Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Backyard Creatures

Taylor and Landon would live in the backyard if we let them. Landon would be happy grazing on the rocks or grass, and Taylor would push her stroller, then her wagon, then go back to pushing another stroller. They just really like the open-air and the freedom to explore. It won't be too fun once we hit triple digits, and the air outside feels like an easy bake oven. Until then, we'll let the kids venture outside as often as they want...and I will hope and pray the scorpions have found a new place to reside instead of our backyard.
Thursday, April 23, 2009

So Polite

Taylor has been practicing some new phrases lately. "Excuse You" and "Bless You" can be heard repeatedly in our home. Anytime someone sneezes, Taylor graciously offers a "Bless You". And today when I was blowing my nose, she said the same thing.

Or when someone burps or farts, Taylor squeals with laughter "Excuse You". She evens know when to change the verbage if she lets one go. Then it turns into an "Excuse Me". I just find her to be maturing more and more everyday.

And for Landon, well he is still loud but will sometimes mimic words like: kitty cat, green, mommy and daddy. His room is quickly transitioning into "the boys room". It's almost complete and then I will post a picture of it. I can't wait for the boys to enjoy each other's company.
Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Don't Song

OK, so this entry has nothing to do with Landon and Taylor, but it might make you laugh. At church we started a new marriage series based off the movie Fireproof. It's been very encouraging, and I think in an odd way this song (click here) will be too.

Make sure to pause the playlist on the side so you can hear the song!
Thursday, April 16, 2009

Latest Photo

Here is one of my favorite photos of the kids.

A Week in Pictures

Here's Landon...he feel asleep watching Baby Einstein. Poor little man caught Taylor's sickness.

Here is Taylor in her Elmo slippers and underwear. She pretty much refused food for most of the week but somehow was able to eat a popsicle.

And here is me, almost 6 months pregnant. I'm still feeling good!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ain't No Doctor

I'm obviously not a doctor! I thought Taylor caught a bug, like the flu or something. She threw up three times on Saturday night and has managed a fever between 99 and 102 for the past 3 days straight. Hank and I were able to get her into the doctor today...thankfully.

Everytime I rush one of my children to the doctor, he usually tells me, "No, she/he will be OK. It's just a virus that needs to pass." And off I go giving up a nice chunk of change...I mean my co-pay. But not today. Instead he said, "Yep, her left ear is definitely infected...and I think she has strep throat. Either way, the antibiotics that I will prescribe for her should kill both infections off!"

I never know when to take one of them to the doctor, more times than not it's a false alarm. I guess this mamma can never be too safe. My children are priceless and I would rather be safe than sorry. I don't want them to suffer...even for a moment! So with that said, we'll be on the downlow until our little princess is feeling good again.

On a side note, Taylor weighed in at 27 lbs. I take Landon back to the doctor on Thursday for his shots, and I bet you he is within 5 lbs. of his big sister.
Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Easter Story

The weather this weekend reminded me of the Easter story. Good Friday was a overcast, gloomy day. All day long my thoughts went to the horrible brutality that Christ would suffer...and that He paid it all for me. Then Saturday was a rainy, cold day...a day where Jesus was dead and in the tomb. It's almost like heaven was raining down tears. And today on Resurrection Sunday, it was perfect weather...bright and sunny. Such a great analogy!

So this weekend was not our best. We went to church Saturday night. Taylor and I were eating our late night bowl of cereal just before bed, and she started throwing up. In fact, she threw up multiple times throughout the night. And she's been battling a fever too. My poor baby has been slower and not her bright, cheery self. Even though she's under the weather, she thoroughly enjoyed searching for Easter eggs this morning. She had 40 to find and loved the outdoor adventure.

Landon enjoyed eating the M&Ms found inside the eggs. Although he didn't participate in the egg hunt, he helped sister play with the eggs and eat the candies. Next year will be really fun when they can do it together. This afternoon we headed over to Hank's Oma's house for a yummy dinner. We all ate like kings and queens and weren't shy about getting seconds. Taylor still wasn't feeling great, but she was happy to see her grandpa, grandpa Joe and Oma. Grandma Carol seems to have caught the flu bug too. No fun!

Since Taylor has the week off from school, I was planning on working on some hard-core potty training. But with her sick and all, that will have to be pushed back a bit. She got really cute Elmo underwear in her Easter basket this morning, and I've been talking up the fact that she's going to be a big girl wearing them. Oh well, no rush...I still have 4 more months to get this done :-)

Here is a really cute video clip of this morning. Enjoy!

Friday, April 10, 2009

My Baby Turns One

Today was a big day for us. Landon turned one! It's so hard to believe he is already one. One year ago at this exact time, Landon was being admitted to the NICU for respiratory distress. We weren't able to hold him for almost a week after birth as he was dependent on a ventilator for a couple of days. Well, God once again took care of Landon as we entrusted his little life back to Him. I am so blessed to be a mother to both Landon and Taylor. But today is all about let me share about him.

Landon is the sweetest boy. He loves me more than anything and of course that melts my heart. My son is affectionate, careful, funny and sensitive. He is a gift from God. I never thought I could be a mother to a boy, but Landon has shown me differently. My son is perfect even though life will tell him differently. My son is precious...period.

So Landon is now climbing the stairs and on the verge of talking a step or two. I really think he will walk in a month or so. He likes to keep up with his big sister and does a pretty good job at it too.

Happy birthday Landon. Son, I love you more than you will ever know!
Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day at the Museum

Today was pretty fun. We went with my good friend Stephanie and her three little ones downtown to the Phx. Childrens Museum. For all of you moms who have not gone yet, you must go! It was one of the funnest things we have experienced. So much creativity is flowing in that building. So I ended up leaving with a year-long membership so that we can go back anytime we want. I can't wait to take Hank with us next time. It would definitely benefit me to have another adult there to chase Miss Taylor around.

Landon enjoyed it too! Even though he isn't walking yet, he was climbing up stairs and was all over the place like his big sister. The membership will come in handy this summer when we are confined to air-conditioned buildings.
Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bathroom Humor

Almost everytime I put Taylor on the potty, I sing the ABCs with her to buy some time. She is getting pretty good at memorizing the letters and can sing along for at least half of the song with me. Tonight though, she wasn't in the mood to sing. She just wanted to have a good time. What's that saying...oh yeah, girls just wanna have fun!
Monday, April 6, 2009

Family Vacation

We just got back from our first family vacation with all four (or five) of us and what an awesome time it was! I love San Clemente, and even more I love sharing this beautiful place on earth with my children. My parents have a home in California, and we are blessed to be their guests as often as we want. Thank you mom and dad for another wonderful vacation.

Some of the highlights of our trip were daily walks around the neighborhood with aunt Joann, uncle Stephen, cousin Christopher, Oma and Opa...and the four of us. Taylor was able to pet many different doggies, which pleased her beyond belief.

Another great memory is taking Taylor and Landon to the beach a couple of times. Landon of course had to taste the sand...multiple times. Taylor enjoyed the beach part but wasn't too crazy about the cold water.

Taylor is speaking up a storm. I enjoyed listening to her explain things to Oma, who really did understand her most of the time, and others around. Taylor loved the train that passed by 15 times a day.

I must say time with family is precious. The best gift someone could give me is to love my children. I am so thankful for the many family members in Taylor and Landon's life who continually show them love. We are blessed!

Now, if we could just find a way to move to southern California....
Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Two Peas in a Pod

Every Wednesday night, Hank's parents come over and watch the kids for us while we attend a neighborhood Bible study. Taylor always knows that Grandma and Grandpa are coming over and doesn't even say goodbye to us at times, which is fine with us as we know she is happy with her guests.

And usually Taylor is still awake when we come home. But not tonight. Tonight she was passed out on the couch with her grandpa. It was so cute I had to take a picture. Now she is tucked safely in her bed until we wake up at the early break of dawn to start our family vacation to California.

This vacation is the first time we will have ventured somewhere with Landon in tow. So that is fun! We will also get to spend a few days with my parents and my brother Stephen, Joann and my nephew Christopher who is just a few months younger than Landon. We are looking forward to a time away and being with family.