Thursday, November 21, 2013

Project Life | Week 46

This week started off with Hank and I recovering from the flu and a visit from Oma and Opa. I am so thankful my parents came. They spent time with the kids and helped me to finish unpacking and hanging photos. Another fun thing is that we had the tile laid in our master bath and I absolutely love it!

On Friday after school, we checked out a nearby library. We also had a short but sweet visit with our sweet Arizona friends, the Shepherds. And this week we visited Southeast Christian Church and all of us loved it. Looking forward to going back!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Project Life | Weeks 44 & 45

Week 44 Grandma Carol came for a visit. The kid were on Fall Break and I had to work. So having Grandma here for a few days to spend time with the kids was the perfect solution. She spent time with them and took them to a museum. They had a great time. And the kids' great grandpa Vern even came over for a visit.

Grandma Carol let right before Halloween. We ended up go to a Harvest Festival at a local church. It was a little too cold for my liking, but the kids had fun. I also included the kids school photos in this week's layout.

Week 45 must have been a busy work week for me because I took very few photos.

We did finally rake up the leaves in the front yard though...and jumped in them a time or two before bagging them up.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Project Life | Weeks 39, 42 & 43

Back tracking to week 39, we were still in the hotel, enjoying the weather, playing with cousins, and rushing Landon to urgent care to glue his hand back together after he tried to cut his own apple. Ugh....

That weekend we took the kids to Chatfield State Park and watched a Broncos game at Tim and Vickey's. These Colorado folks take their football seriously!

Week trip back to the Downtown Aquarium with Amee and Arya, a hot chocolate and grocery shopping date with Landon, and setting up our home.

...and our second snow day. Kids loved it! I loved it too before I realized that I accidentally locked us out of the house :(

Week 43...our household goods were delivered...feeling a bit overwhelmed to see half of our 3-car garage stuffed to the rim with, playing in the freshly fallen leaves, and Ryland's artwork from school

Girls night out for a cocktails and canvas party, painting Taylor's bedroom, and our fall family photo shoot.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Project Life | Week 40 & 41

I can't believe how far I have gotten on updating my project life spreads. Guess you can tell that we have been a little busy around here! Week 39 was awesome! I was able to go on a fieldtrip with Taylor and Landon's class to Miller Farms, and it did not disappoint. This week while we were still in the hotel, it snowed!

Over the weekend, we took the kids down to Larkspur and checked out their pumpkin patch. The kids loved everything there especially the slide. We are really getting comfortable in our new surroundings.

Week 40 we celebrated Hank's 37th birthday. I can't believe how the years keep on creeping up on us. We had a park date with cousins...

and finally MOVED INTO OUR HOUSE on October 12. It was such a great day. Even though our household goods wouldn't be delivered for another week, we were happy to sleep on air mattresses. Oma Mies was able to come over for an afternoon as well before heading back to Arizona.