Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Project Life | Week 4

Such a fun week! My firstborn turned 6 this week. I seriously can't believe 6 years has flown by so quickly. Taylor had a fun party with sweet friends at Peter Piper Pizza. Landon also started writing class this week in preschool and loves it!

Our favorite event of the year...Monster Jam! Even the rain couldn't keep us away. We bundled up and spent three hours enjoying our family favorite event of the year. On Sunday, Oma and Opa came over. Opa and Landon practiced with Taylor as she rehearsed her dance for an upcoming competition.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Project Life | Week 3

Week 3 was a chilly one for us here in Arizona who aren't used to cold weather. I was so cold and actually dreaming about the summertime heat. This week was also a little special because Ryland now has his own lunch box every morning to take to school and eats lunch with his big brother. I included a piece of Taylor's artwork that I found in her's a masterpiece to me!
The highlight of this week consisted of a quick, 2-day trip to Las Vegas with my mom and some lifelong friends. We had such a great time and even relaxed in this super busy city. The four of us got a little make-up makeover and we really enjoyed that. It was so much fun to get away and be with people who I have known forever.
Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Project Life | Week 2

We are hoping to adopt some healthy habits for 2013. One of those includes juicing. I would love to juice twice a day, but so far that has not been realistic. So my new goal will be once a day. Wish me luck! Taylor has been promoted to the Company dance team. The director approached me a few weeks ago about this possibility. I was hesitant due to cost and hours required. However, after Taylor tried it out and loved it...I couldn't say no. Taylor now has dance practice 3 hours a week. I also included a photo that my mother-in-law took of the kids sleepover at their house. All 3 kids were super excited for this event.
I took Taylor to Disney on Ice and a couple of her girlfriends from school joined us. It was such a fun night! I also included Landon's artwork from school and a photo of us preparing for the new book ministry at church. Even Taylor and Landon helped us label the books. It's been super cold here lately so everything has been indoors. Looking forward to warmer temps soon.
Saturday, January 12, 2013

Review | Disney on Ice

Disney on Ice Dare to Dream

This was our third Disney on Ice experience and it was great just like the others. The cast and set crew do a fabulous job. This particular show focused only on three princesses: Cinderella, Tatiana and Rapunzel. My daughter and I have only seen Cinderella so we were a little clueless about the other story lines. It was easy enough for us to pick of the plot and still enjoy ourselves. Most of the little girls at the show were well versed with Rapunzel and Tatiana. This program is a little girl's dream! We were blessed to have a mother-daughter night out with some friends and appreciate our real life princesses. Besides the cost of the tickets, snacks and drinks are super expensive. $5 for a bottle of water or Coke. $12 for shaved ice in a Disney cup. I would suggest bringing unopened snacks and drinks to cut down on costs.
Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Project Life | Week 1

I haven't been able to order my new Project Life kit so I am improvising with materials that I already have so I don't get behind. I love this project too much to procrastinate with it.

Our first week of 2013 was pretty blah. I kinked my neck carrying the boys out from the New Year's Eve party to our car at one in the morning. Go figure! Then our entire household got attacked with pink eye. No fun! We were home bound a lot and I didn't take very many photos.
Taylor lost her second tooth on January 1st. I was so thankful that she was awake when it happened. The first time her tooth came out in the middle of the night, and we never found it. Hank and I are reminded daily how quickly our little ones are growing up into their unique selves. We are truly blessed beyond measure and couldn't imagine life without our children. I am thankful for Project Life as it has helped me to capture the growth in our family from week to week.
Tuesday, January 1, 2013

December Daily | December 23-31

December 23 | Annual Cookie Decorating Party with NAU friends
December 24 | Day started off with breakfast in pajamas with sweet friends
December 25 | Enjoyed a slow-paced morning opening up Christmas gifts

December 26 | Shopping day with girlfriends
December 27 | Teaching Taylor how to sew on her new sewing machine
December 28 | Putting together a gingerbread house during a relaxing day at home
December 29 | Putting away the Christmas decorations and taking down the tree

December 30 | Movie date with Hank and dinner with my in-laws
December 31 | New Year's Eve party at Kelly and Harrison's house