Thursday, December 4, 2014

Project Life | Weeks 46-48

WEEK 46 | The weather truly was horrible for an outdoor fieldtrip. However, the kids did learn a lot at the Plains Conservation Center. I am so thankful that I have job with a somewhat flexible schedule to allow me to chaperone the kids and volunteer when needed.

Ryland was fascinated for days of his dinosaur egg that hatched in water. He cracks me up! And all three kiddos loved playing in our first snow of the year.

WEEK 47 | Ryland got his new glasses...he was so proud of them. Taylor and Landon had a big science project to work on and Grandpa Don came out for a quick visit.

We decided to put up the Christmas tree before Thanksgiving. I literally sat and watched while all three kids decorated the tree by themselves. They didn't want help at all...well maybe for Daddy to help lifting Ryland to put on the tree topper.

WEEK 48 | The kids had a short week at school due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Landon had a playdate with two of his classmates which he was extremely happy about.

The day after Thanksgiving, the boys went to a car show and Taylor had a friend from school over to spend the night. Exhausting weekend!

Loved this picture of Grandpa Vern so I included it as a flip-up photo.