Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Party, Take 4

Every year, our community HOA puts on a fall festival called Harvest Daze. It is really a fun event. The kids can choose from many activities but they always want to spend all of their time on the bounce houses. Since it gets dark fairly early now, our stress level increased greatly around 6:00 pm. I had three different kids running in three different directions. At one point, I lost Landon because he escaped one bounce house without me knowing and ended up in an entirely different one. Next year, we are bringing more adults to help supervise. They even had a great band playing but since we were so stressed, we just ended up leaving to come home around 8:00 pm. This was our last party until Halloween night. Taylor put on her cupcake costume and Landon opted to be the policeman. He even gave me and Daddy a ticket for making him go home earlier than he wanted to. I tell you this kid cracks me up!

Halloween Party, Take 3

This weekend we had another Halloween party at Hank's work in downtown Phoenix. Hank enjoyed showing his family off to his coworkers and the kids enjoyed the activities. Out of all the activities available, Taylor and Landon enjoyed painting the most. Landon decided to dress up in his doctor outfit which fit perfectly since Hank works at the College of Medicine. One of Hank's coworkers asked Landon if he was going to be a doctor when he grew up. He said "yes" because he wants to take care of his family. I thought that was the sweetest thing ever!
Saturday, October 29, 2011

New 52 | The Play Factory

Yesterday we tried out an indoor playground for kids. It's really a perfect set-up for kids toddler to seven years old. The Play Factory at Desert Ridge Mall has an indoor rock climbing wall, bouncy slide and obstacle course. And Fridays are only $5 admission per child. Score! My kids played for almost three hours straight and cried when we finally had to leave. What made this first time experience really special is that we were able to visit with my aunt Monica who just flew down from Canada.
Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Party, Take 2

Landon decided to be Spiderman while Taylor turned into Snow White for their party at Gymboree. As we were getting Landon dressed, he asked me what the foam was in his costume. I said, "Those are your muscles buddy." He smiled real wide and said, "They're big!" Such a cute boy!
Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Party, Take 1

We have several Halloween parties to dress up for this year. This season of the year has become my absolute favorite since having children. These photos are were taken before the kids Halloween party at school.
Monday, October 24, 2011

Week 42 | Project Life

This week I captured four different events even though so much more happened in our week. Grandma Carol picks up the kids from school every Tuesday and Wednesday. This week, she packed a lunch and took them to a local park. I got off from work a little early and met her at the park to retrieve the kiddos. I took photos of the kids playing and wanted to include one with her since this is our life right now. We also had a family night at the kids' school. I took photos of their work and included a picture that Taylor colored for me. The orange sheet is my journaling of the week since all of the photo inserts were used up with photos. 

This page includes an invite to a neighbor's Halloween party and a few photos from that event where we brought our own pumpkin for the kids to decorate. The kids had such a great time that all three of them were crying as we walked home. I know....we are such mean parents to make them come home at almost 9:00 pm to shower and go to bed! The other photos are from a princess birthday party that Taylor was invited to. Even though Taylor doesn't attend Cross of Glory, we still keep in touch with a few families. Payton is one of Taylor's friends from her class last year. Taylor dressed up as princess Ariel and all of the little girls had a great time.
Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Week 41 | Project Life

Sunday, October 9, 2011
Birthday celebration at Lake Pleasant for Carol (57) and Hank (35). Such a fun afternoon with family and exploring.

This page includes birthday cards and the annual questionnaire about Daddy.

More photos from Lake Pleasant

Monday, October 10, 2011                       
Hank's birthday surprise started with sleeping in (no work), a babysitter for the day (my parents), breakfast at Hot Bagels, and a couples massage at Sanctuary on Camelback. What a glorious day!

A long journaler capturing important parts to our week.

Other important photos such as Taylor getting her ears pierced, Kelly's 40th birthday party and miscellaneous photos of the kids from this week.
Sunday, October 16, 2011

NEW 52 | Just Dance 2 Wii

Holy cow! We went to a 40th birthday party last night and played tons of games. We were dancing to the Just Dance 2 Wii game for the first time and loved it! It was so funny and a great workout. Hank was up dancing a few times with his buddies, and we did one dance together where I legitimately kicked his butt! He was quite the character and made us all laugh. Can't wait to do this again!
Thursday, October 13, 2011

NEW 52 | Taylor Gets Her Ears Pierced

Yesterday around 4:00 pm, Taylor told me that she wanted her ears pierced and she wanted them tonight. She said if we waited to do it in a few days, she might get too scared and not do it. So, I jumped on this chance while her courage was strong. After a quick phone call to Daddy for his approval, I swooped up the kids into the car and headed to Claire's at our local mall. I had called ahead to make sure that they could pierce both of Taylor's ears at the same time. I was afraid after one piercing, she would refuse to have the second ear pierced.

She picked out the earrings of her choice that ended up being the cutest Hello Kitty earrings. After 5 minutes of fussing over where the holes should be, both ladies counted to three while Taylor grasped on to the chair. I think I was more nervous than her. I was feeling really hot and could feel my heart beating with intensity. Taylor was quiet. I asked again if she really wanted to do this and she said yes.

Within a blink of an eye, her little ears were pierced and she instantly aged a few years. My little girl is growing up so quickly! Taylor said it didn't hurt, it just stung a little. Another little girl was watching Taylor get her ears pierced and decided she wanted to do it too. Since Taylor fared well, she thought she could do it too. So proud of my little girl for facing her fear head on.

We've been talking about this day for years. I simply just told Taylor that it does hurt a little bit like a shot and when she decides she is ready, we would do it. I told her she might be 3 or 30 or decide never to pierce her was all up to her. She was in control. And it worked out beautifully that way.
Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Week 40 | Project Life

Another crazy busy week for us, but we always make it fun. Here are the highlights from the week:
*karate class
*school photos
*cooler weather
*Lake Pleasant volleyball game
*park playdate with the Pollings
*dental apoointment for the kids {Ryland's first}
*Boe's 4th birthday party
*planting flowers with the kids in the backyard
Monday, October 10, 2011

NEW 52 | Sanctuary on Camelback

For Hank's 35th birthday, my parents treated the both of us to a spa day at the Sanctuary on Camelback. Neither one of us had ever been to this beautiful resort nestled on Camelback Mountain. My parents offered to watch the kids so we could enjoy the day away. I must say...we had a fabulous time...from the potent massage that relaxed us to the point of a slight induced coma to the poolside snack and leisure reading. The best thing was that all of this...even the day off from work...was a complete surprise to Hank. We are so incredibly blessed!
Wednesday, October 5, 2011

NEW 52 | Ryland Goes to the Dentist

Ryland had his first dental appointment this week. The little stinker wouldn't budge one bit and open his mouth for the hygienist or even the dentist. Finally at my request, the dentist tried to pry open his mouth and at least take a quick peek at his chompers. So straddled in my lap, the deed was done. Everything look fine to the well-trained eye. I am hoping in six months that he will actually open his mouth for a much-needed cleaning and exam.

Ten Things | September 2011

Here's a short list of things we've accomplished, memories we've created, or events we've participated in during the month of September.
  1. Completed 30 Days of Lists (All the lists are blogged, yet I still need to update my SMASH book with all the lists.)
  2. Taylor and Landon started a new karate class together.
  3. Took Taylor and Landon to Ballet Under the Stars for the first time
  4. Enjoyed a mini-staycation at a local resort in Scottsdale as a family
  5. Had 24 hours alone with Hank and caught up on sleep
  6. Worked more than any other month
  7. Took on senior leadership role within Wyld Life
  8. Met up with some dear friends from high school {Josey & Sarah}
  9. Started Taylor in a new hip hop dance class
  10. Participated in Lowe's Build and Grow project for the first time.
Monday, October 3, 2011

Week 39 | Project Life

Another full week for us. Highlights included a family dinner over at my in-laws with Kendrie, Josh and Laila; afternoons naked in the backyard (the kids...definitely not me); making white chocolate dipped strawberries for dessert; and a sleepover for Taylor at Grandma and Grandpa's house with her cousin Laila.

...a visit to the ENT doctor for Ryland's chronic croup; a playdate at McDonalds with the Millers; and our fall family photos.