Saturday, July 31, 2010

Swimming, Splash Pad & End of Summer

{SATURDAY} Ryland is really starting to enjoy toys, especially the ones that make noises. I just love Ryland in his little pajamas. I can't believe he will be 1 year old soon.

{FRIDAY} I headed to Desert Ridge with my friend Mindy and her two boys. Our original plan was to visit the Foothills Aquatic Center, but it was closed when we got there so we headed to Desert Ridge to let the kids play in the water pad. Since my mom was in town and lives close to this area, she even stopped by for an hour to say hi to the kiddos.

{THURSDAY} Today would have been the last day for swim lessons. But 5 minutes into our commute to the pool, the rain started to come down hard. So hard in fact that I could barely see the road in front of me. So to make the kids happy and keep them busy while I worked on dinner, they got out their crafts and made some "artwork".

{WEDNESDAY} I took the three kids to the library. We all had such a good time. I let Ryland crawl around and the big kids were really into the puzzles. Taylor even took a turn at the train table. We ended up leaving the library with 17 books and DVDs. Guess we were anticipating the rain and watching rainy day movies.

{TUESDAY} Today Pei Wei, one of our favorite places to eat, was celebrating their 10-year anniversary. We had to wait almost an hour for our food but we got two entrees for $10. Such a deal! To keep the kids entertained, they played with chop sticks and used them as drum sticks.

{MONDAY} Taylor has made unbelievable progress this summer with swimming. She knows how to swim and isn't afraid to put her face underwater. The City of Peoria swim lessons were awesome. So cheap and the instructors were fabulous. Can't wait for next summer!

{SUNDAY} I love driving and looking back to see Taylor smiling at me. She almost always sits in the center seat between the two boys so her beautiful face is the one I see the most. Don't worry, I stopped the car to take this photo :-)
Saturday, July 24, 2010

Light Sabers, Splashing in the Sink & Storms

{SATURDAY} This afternoon Ryland was really intrigued with the oven since I had the oven light on to check on our dinner. I think Ryland is way more yummy than the meals I cook!

{FRIDAY} Two of Hank's cousins were in town for a rare visit. They came over to our house for dinner and ping pong. The weather was actually nice to sit outside for a bit.

{THURSDAY} We ended up having a change of plans today because someone....ahem...lost my car keys the night before when he was out with his friends. Thankfully, we found the keys and Hank's dad and Oma delivered my car and keys to me so we could still make it to swim lessons. When we got home though, the clouds were brewing up something. We did get a little bit of rain but not as much as I had hoped for.

{WEDNESDAY} Ryland is ALWAYS such a messy eater. The boy truly enjoys his food. So every night after he eats, I have to take him to the sink and clean him off. This time he jumped right in and took a I decided to let him play for a little bit. Who am I to deprive the boy?

{TUESDAY} Since I work on Tuesdays and Taylor had VBS this week, I asked my friend Joanna to take Taylor home with her for an hour or two. Taylor was so excited about this. She kept asking if today was the day she was going to drive with Kat and Brody and baby Quinn. After I picked up the boys from Grandma Carol's, I head over to pick up Taylor who did not want to come home with me especially when she heard she would be coming home to take a nap. I had asked Joanna to take a photo for me of the kids playing together and this is what she captured. I think it is the sweetest thing ever!
Friday, July 23, 2010

More Proof

{Two peas in a pod.}

Any Resemblance?

So it's been confirmed that Ryland is Hank's clone with a little tiny bit of me. I am confident he has my eyes though. It's amazing how many times a week I hear, "Oh, he {Ryland} looks just like Hank." I'm fine with that, but I sure hope that at least one of my children resemble me :-) So here are some photos of Taylor, Landon and myself at 2.5 years old. Is there any all...of me...their mother who gained 50 pounds per child...carried these big babies in my belly until it almost exploded, and endured the most pain imaginable? I sure hope so!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Dancing Queen & Ice Cream King

{MONDAY} Taylor is back at VBS for one last week. When I brought the boys into the worship service at the end of their daily program, I saw Taylor singing and dancing. She melts my heart. I was fortunate to get this priceless photo of her raising her hands while she worships.

{SUNDAY} I found out at the first day of class that Taylor would need shoes...not just one set but two. So we headed over to Payless and sized her up for ballet and tap shoes. So far, her tap shoes are her favorite because they make noise. They are already showing signs of wear and tear and it's only been a few days. She is one happy little dancer!

{SATURDAY} Taylor started dance class today at L.A. Dance. The class that she is enrolled in is a combo class of tap, ballet and tumbling. She has anxiously been awaiting the start date for this class. I found the cutest leotard and skirt in California. I thought it might be over the top a bit. But I was completely wrong. All of the girls were decked out in the cutest little dance outfits. Honestly, my fear is that she is going to fall in love with this class and dancing and that we won't be able to afford it in the future. She has been asking every day when she can go back and loves to show us her new moves. Can't wait for her first recital.

{FRIDAY} Taylor and Landon earned their 5 stars on Friday. So after dinner, we took the kids to McDonalds to get their special treat for good behavior. We all tried to give Ryland a little lick here an there, but he really wasn't interested.

{THURSDAY} Today I played catch up on my Project Life album. I normally am only a week behind, but with our little vacation to California, work and kids, I was three weeks behind. Now I am back on track and it feels so good!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Five Stars & Finding Nemo

{WEDNESDAY} Today we went back to the Anthem pool with our neighborhood buddies. It is always such a treat to be invited there. (Thank you Monica!) Ryland loves loves the water.

{TUESDAY} Landon found Nemo at Disneyland and fell in love. The first time we went to Disneyland, I didn't buy any souvenirs for the kids. This time I let them each pick out a souvenir. Taylor made herself a necklace made out of Disney beads, and Landon found Nemo. Landon though takes Nemo everywhere. He says, "Mommy, look!" and then he bends down to hug and kiss Nemo...repeatedly. It is precious!

{MONDAY} I knew coming home was going to be a bit like detox. One thing we needed to do immediately was to get Ryland to sleep through the night. So this week since we've been home, Landon has been sleeping in the spare bedroom. Ryland has had a couple of good nights lately. I also started the 5-star system that has totally excited Taylor. She and Landon get stars for doing things that don't come easily to staying in their bed all night. So far it's been a hit. Once each child gets 5 stars, they will get an ice cream cone from McDonald's or some other treat of their choice. Then we start back over again. So today is day 3 and each kid has 2 stars. I've had to take a star or two away due to really bad behavior like coloring on the tile with marker.

{SUNDAY} I was barely able to pack everything back into the car for our trek home. It was a long 9.5 hour adventure. We stopped a few times since it was a day trip. Thankfully I had Terri with got a bit unbearable for awhile there. Taylor was shouting "Happy Birthday Oma" as we were pulling out of their driveway. It was quite cute!

{SATURDAY} Even though Oma's birthday is on the 11th, we celebrated today on the 10th so that we could spend the whole day with her. Terri and I made a yummy dinner and we had red velvet cake for dessert. Yum yum!

{FRIDAY} We took the kids for a walk on the San Clemente Pier. Once Taylor and Landon realized the water was right beneath them, they got down on all fours and watched the waves.
Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Best Week

We've officially had one of the best weeks of our lives! Beach, petting zoo, parks, Disney, family and friends...we are once again blessed beyond measure.

{SATURDAY} Today my Granny from Canada was finally able to meet Ryland for the first time. She loves him greatly and he loves her too!

{SUNDAY} I have so many awesome memories and photos from today. We started off the day by watching the neighborhood parade. This little community is wonderful -- all the kids decorate their bikes and wagons and have the cutest parade ever. All you have to do is sit in your driveway and watch. Then we took the kids to the San Clemente Art Fair. But the greatest thing ever was watching fireworks from my parents' patio. We were able to see four sets of fireworks off the coast. But one of the coolest things was watching the four helicopter military fly over right before the fireworks started. The helicopters were so close to us and it made the holiday seem more patriotic.

{MONDAY} We visited the cutest little petting zoo today in San Juan Capistrano that was located right next to the train depot. The kids had a good time feeding the bunnies, goats and ponies. Taylor, Landon and I were even able to hold a bunny and guinea pig.

{TUESDAY} Today was Hank's last day with us before he headed back home to resume work. Ugh! Even though Hank's vacation was cut short, I think he still had a great time and rested a bit. {Except for the few hours on Saturday night when he had to rush me to the E.R. for the worst migraine imaginable.}

{WEDNESDAY} Our second trip to Disneyland within a few months...I would say we have been spoiled a bit. My mom offered to stay home with my grandma and her aunt Elsie to watch Ryland. So my friend Adrienne and Teri came with me and Taylor and Landon to spend the day at Disney. We were there for 9 hours and had such a fun, exhausting time. Taylor loved the Dumbo ride; Landon loved the race cars; and I thought the Tiki room was quite cute.

{THURSDAY} Today we took my great aunt Elsie to the San Diego airport so that she could catch her flight back to Florida. Teri came along for the ride to keep me and the kids company. She showed us this fun little park right on the beach in La Jolla. We are having such a good time. It's to believe it's almost been a week since we arrived and that our vacation will be coming to a close soon.
Friday, July 2, 2010

Crocs, Coloring & Cooling Off with Friends

{FRIDAY} Landon lost one of his Crocs last week. We have all been bummed about it because they were his favorite shoes. So a few days ago, I found these Crocs online and on sale so I ordered them. They arrived today and Landon has not taken them off his feet yet.

{THURSDAY} We headed up to Anthem to meet our friends and play in the most awesome kids' pool ever. The place was amazing and we are so thankful to be treated to such a fun day!

{WEDNESDAY} Taylor made this adorable bird's nest today. I wanted to take a picture to capture because I'm sure we won't keep it forever.

{TUESDAY} Love this photo of the kids coloring together. It's not too hot to be outside first thing in the morning still.