Saturday, August 28, 2010

Enjoying Life

{SATURDAY} Since the weather is nice outside right now, the kids are dancing and singing as Hank plays his guitar. Ryland especially loves the guitar. One day he will be ready for lessons. It's so nice to have Hank home; he works so hard and long hours that we really miss him during the week.

{FRIDAY} Landon and Taylor completed their first week at Montessori school. They both loved it. There were only tears for a few minutes on Wednesday from Taylor. Every Wednesday Taylor has P.E. and she was a bit scared of the male teacher. Landon though was all smiles every day and liked to tell me about his snacks.

{THURSDAY} Our good friends Krystal and Cody had their baby on 8/25. So tonight we headed to the hospital to visit them. Hank and the boys ended up leaving after 20 minutes, but Taylor and I hung out for another hour. Taylor kept on saying "isn't she so cute?" and wanted to be near baby Katelynn the whole time.

{WEDNESDAY} When I picked Taylor up from Montessori school, she had made me the most beautiful red straw necklace. She keeps on asking me to wear it. I can't say no so I have been wearing it a lot lately :-)

{TUESDAY} This is what I saw as I checked on the kids while making dinner. Ryland was placed in Taylor's doll stroller and was being taken for a ride around the backyard. I love this photo because it shows that Taylor is totally pleased with herself as the big sister, and Ryland isn't too happy being put into a doll stroller. Don't get me wrong, he did enjoy it for the first few minutes, but after that he wanted out!

{MONDAY} Today is the first day of Montessori school for both Taylor and Landon. This experience will be the greatest blessing for all of us in so many different ways. Taylor is excited to go back to her old school and see her friends and Landon is just excited to finally be doing something with his big sister.

{SUNDAY} Today we celebrated Ryland's first birthday with our family. Ryland wasn't a big fan of his cupcake, but he did enjoy making a mess out of it. He also showed off his walking skills a bit. This day was so special and being with family is the best!

{SATURDAY} The kiddos had movie night on the blow-up air mattress tonight. They watched "Wonder Pets" and enjoyed themselves. For awhile there Ryland, who was in the middle, was resting one leg on Taylor and one leg on was really cute.
Wednesday, August 25, 2010

In the Park

So here are some photos from Ryland's one-year photo shoot.

{If any of you are looking for an incredible photographer, contact Joanna at She is not only a wonderful person, but a creative genius.}
Monday, August 23, 2010

Mornings at Montessori

Today was Taylor and Landon's first day at Montessori school together. I dropped the kids of at carpool, where the teacher's come out to your car and take the kids from your car to the classrom, and watched them both jump out with big smiles on their faces. Mary Ellen took my kids inside and the rest is history. When I came back to get them a couple of hours later, they both had big smiles on their faces. Ally had told me both kids did well today and then Miss Cheryl -- my absolute favorite teacher ever -- told me that Landon was yummy and that she was in love with him already. I use those words too so I know exactly what she means :-)

I found Ryland and I trying to fill up our free time together before heading back to pick up the big kids. I think this 2 1/2 hour window would be the perfect time to work out or Gymboree or grab an AJs iced tea...just sayin'.
Sunday, August 22, 2010

1st Birthday

Today we celebrated Ryland's 1st birthday. It was such a wonderful day to be with our family on both sides. It was a real treat for Taylor, Landon and Ryland as their cousins, Christopher and Nicholas, were there too. The kids don't see each other often, but they sure enjoyed each other.

I made one of Ryland's favorite meals...meatballs and potatoes. We had lots of yummy food and cupcakes for dessert. The birthday boy wasn't big on dessert. In fact, he preferred to play with the cupcake over eating it. I think he eventually took a bite, but most of the cupcake was in his seat and on the floor.

Since Ryland is getting all four molars and another tooth in right now, he wasn't a happy camper tonight. He really only wanted to be held by me and was cranky. We were able to get some smiles out of him, especially when we cheered him on for taking steps and showing our family that he can walk a little.

Ryland is truly the perfect last child in our family because he does complete our family in every way. As he is quickly growing up right before my eyes, I am reminded how these moments with my little ones are quickly passing by. Next thing I know, my babies will be grown adults and will be starting their own lives. I'm just so thankful that I still have at least another 15+ years to have them around and blessing me daily.