Thursday, June 30, 2011

Where's Waldo

Grandma Carol took the kids to the library on Tuesday while I was at work. And yes, she should earn a medal just for that. It's rough taking three wanderers to our public library because there is so much to see and explore. Well Grandma Carol introduced Taylor to the Where's Waldo books and Taylor has been mesmerized since. I remember loving these books when I was in elementary school but not age four. I'm amazed that Taylor has the patience and endurance to sit there and try to find these miniature characters in a very crowded, artistic space.

So today while Taylor and Landon were at Gymboree, I took one kid with me who really equates to three children, but we accomplished our check out our very own Where's Waldo. Who knew the library would be wiped out of almost every Where's Waldo book. The lovely ladies dug through the return pile for me to find one to bring home to my darling Waldo lover. This should make for some fun summer least for awhile.
Monday, June 27, 2011

Week 25: Project Life

-Celebrating Father's Day
-Playing at the pool with Landon's little girl+friend, Margot
-Third week of VBS
-Fudgesicles at Grandma Carol's house
-Tea party with our good friends, Carrie and Elly
Saturday, June 25, 2011

NEW 52: Kimberly Ann's Victorian Tea Room & Cafe

I'm taking part in a new project call NEW 52 where I am encouraged to try something new, whether big or small, once a week for a full year. So today my friend Carrie and I took our girls to a Victorian style tea and lunch. The food was so yummy. Thankfully we bought our tickets for half off through Groupon, otherwise the tea could have been quite pricey. This was both a first for Taylor and I. And it was special that we were able to experience this together with some good friends.
Friday, June 24, 2011

A Few Things

A few things that I don't want to forget:

<3 Landon referring to me as "your majesty" this week.
<3 Ryland snuggling and barely giving me room to breathe. He loves to be close with his head tucked in my neck and his hands tucked between my chest and his.
<3 Taylor decorating her puppet at Gymboree and including all of the female body parts.
<3 Landon starting off the conversation with, "I have a question..."
<3 Landon & Taylor's mealtime prayers
<3 Ryland's crazy antics like jumping into the pool or climbing counters.
<3 All three of my babies asking me to snuggle and pray with them daily.
Monday, June 20, 2011

Dance Recital {2011}

Taylor and her buddie Kayleigh

Heading toward the stage!

Taylor and her superstar instructor, Miss Irene

Daddy bought Taylor purple flowers.

Taylor's audience

Grandma Carol was so proud of Taylor.

Since I was the backstage mom, I didn't get to see any of the dances except for Taylor's dance...and what I saw was very limited from the side view. I heard she rocked it though and knew all of her moves. Taylor loved every minute and asked me if she can do it again. When I explained that she only has one recital every year, she was bummed. Guess this girl really likes to dance!
Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day 2011

I am so thankful that my children have a fun Dad who adores them and loves our kids deeply. The best thing is that the kids know that they are love and adored. One of the best gifts that Hank gives his children is his time...even when he comes home exhausted from a long 12-hour day away from us. Happy Father's Day Hank!

The annual Father's Day Questionnaire

My name is: Taylor
My Dad's name is: Hank
My Dad is 15 years old.
What does my Dad do when I'm at school? works on jobs.
My favorite game to play with Dad is Candyland.
My Dad's favorite TV show is Princess & the Frog.
My Dad's favorite food is spaghetti.
I know my Dad loves me because he comes home from work and gives us kisses and hugs.
I love my Dad because he gives me games to play.

My name is: Landon
My Dad's name is: Hank
My Dad is not old years old.
What does my Dad do when I'm at school? watch TV.
My favorite game to play with Dad is puzzles.
My Dad's favorite TV show is Nemo.
My Dad's favorite food is hot dogs.
I know my Dad loves me because he makes dinner and gives me kisses.
I love my Dad because I love him with all my heart.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Week 24: Project Life

It seems like all I have had time for recently is posting my photos of the day that I am using for my Project Life scrapbook. I've decided to tweak my system a little bit. I'm always up for a little change now and again. Instead of doing a day by day photo documentation of our lives, I am going to do a week by week process. I will still be taking photos almost every day, but enjoy the freedom of capturing our week and journaling special memories. I hope to add more personal stories to my blog like in the past...we shall see if time will permit. In the meantime, while Hank and I literally fall into bed every single night due to exhaustion, we love to look back at our photos and see us living day by day, week by week as a family. We love to see the growth in our children, family and friends...we (I) love to see how our memories of today will be passed down to our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Dance rehearsal for her upcoming tap dance recital. Taylor takes a weekly class incorporating tap, ballet and tumbling for 4-5 year olds. She is now one of the littlest girls in the class...a nice change. And she loves being with the older girls!

A summer wreath that I made for our front door.

Taylor and Landon just couldn't wait until Father's Day to show Hank their handmade craft. It was a dynamite stick full of candy for their dynamite dad.

Ryland took this photo of himself sitting in my lap at the carwash. These shoes were once worn by Landon and now Ryland. They are a family favorite!

Opa Lou playing an evening game of soccer in the backyard with Landon in his undies.

Oma and Taylor making breakfast for the troops.

Landon and Ryland sharing an Icee together...a rare moment.
Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Fun

{WEDNESDAY} Taylor and Landon enjoy a tumbling class a couple of nights at our local gym. While I work out, I can watch the childcare area and keep tabs on Ryland, Taylor and Landon. In the screenshot above on my stairmaster, I was watching the kiddos enjoy their new class. Taylor was timid at first but loved it so much that she was excited for the next class.

{THURSDAY} It's finally starting to warm up a bit. We have had the best weather so far. I can't complain one bit. One of our favorite summer activities is enjoying's our post-nap activity.

{FRIDAY} Yes, I bought Taylor Lee press-on nails. She loved them even though they only lasted a day or so. I had a pair a few weeks ago and she was mesmerized by them and asked to wear the ones I wasn't going to use. She asked me to buy her nails for just her. Can you believe it? They actually make press-on nails for little girls with cute designs. I won't be buying them again for awhile, but she sure did enjoy every minute she had them.

{SATURDAY} We really love our nextdoor neighbors. Kenan fits in age wise right between Taylor and Landon, and both of my kids love to play with the "boys next door". Today we met up at the pool to cool off a bit. The kids had a great time!

{SUNDAY} Taylor and Landon had their neighbor friends over today to play outside on the slip 'n' slide. There was a rock right under the slide that Taylor hit perfectly on her landing and had a pretty good cut. She cried at first but then was saying, "Hey guys, come check out my cut." I was so proud of her! 

{MONDAY} This week I volunteered to be a lead teacher at VBS for the 4 year olds at a local church. Taylor, Landon and Ryland get to attend for free while I get to teach in Taylor's class. It's been a long, exhausting week but the kids are so precious. 

{TUESDAY} The kids know where the game cabinet is and get into it before I know it. Today I taught Taylor and Landon how to line up the Rummikub tiles in order from 1 to 12. They loved the challenge. 

{WEDNESDAY} Ugh! One of our air conditioning units went out on Sunday and we have been living without an upstairs a/c for 3 days. It's been a frustrating process to find out that even with our warranty, we still had to pay out $800. But we finally got it fixed and now it's no longer 85 degrees. So thankful for air conditioning!

{THURSDAY} Hank had a guys night out tonight. Usually he spends lots of time with Taylor putting her to sleep while I spend lots of time with the boys putting them to sleep. But tonight after I put the boys down, I was able to sneak back into Taylor's room and give her some extra love. I love being a Mommy!