Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Circus

The circus is coming! The circus is coming! Starting June 27, 2012. Follow the directions below to get discounted tickets.

1. Log on to
2. Search Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Phoenix
3. Find your show date/time of choice (NOTE: discount DOES NOT work on Wednesday, June 27th... as tickets for that show are already half price/excluding VIP and Front Row) and click “FIND TICKETS”
5. Under Select Prices click either $15 or $25
6. Then click OK (next to the MOM 5 password)
7. Click on the section to choose your seats and follow the prompts to check out. The price when you click on those sections is reflective of the $5 off price.

Project Life | Week 20

Week 20 started by celebrating Mother's Day. We spent the morning at church at after naptime, headed to Lake Pleasant to be with Hank's side of the family. This was the first time all of the kiddos were able to swim with lots and lots of supervision. It was quite a hot day. In fact, this week's high was already at 107 degrees.

Left Insert | Mother's Day cards
Right Insert | Lovely quote I found about mothers

Left Insert | Certificate of Appreciation for our service to Wyld Life
Right Insert | Taylor's Mother's Day present that she made me at school.

Left Insert | Landon's Mother's Day present that he made at school.
Right Page | Photos and journaling that included a photo of Taylor doing her own hair for the first time, Hank working on our garden, and Ryland trying on his new swim goggles.
Sunday, May 20, 2012

Project Life | Week 19

It's getting hot, Hot, HOT here! We've been using our kiddie pool daily already. Hank was still sick and ended up taking Monday and Tuesday off from work. Tuesday late afternoon was the first time he had enough energy to play with the kids and they tackled a puzzle. This week was also teacher appreciation week so Taylor helped me great the gift jars on Thursday. She thoroughly enjoyed that! Taylor and Landon both helped me make a dozen birthday crowns for their fellow preschoolers. They always look forward to that monthly craft project.

I included some of Landon's artwork from school and recorded the week's high temp of 97. Yikes! The highlight of the week was participating in our community's "Fire Truck Day" at the community center. They brought in a fire truck and got the hoses going to cool down the kiddos. It was a fun treat. 
Saturday, May 12, 2012

Project Life | Week 18

Landon's 4-year-old photo shoot kicked off week 18 of Project Life. My sweet friend Shannon took them for us. Landon was excited that some of his photos would be taken on a railroad track.

This week I included an 8.5 by 11 insert. The front of the insert included an 8x10 photo of Landon. This photo happens to be one of my favorites from the photo shoot.

The back of the insert on the left side included a childhood observation paper that one of my friends wrote. She asked if she could come by a couple of weeks ago and "observe" Ryland for a college course research project. This week, she emailed me the paper. And guess what? Ryland is completely normal. Ha! My sweet baby boy is a typical two year old exploring life and learning every minute of the day.

I also included photos of the kids playing in their kiddie pool in the backyard; a cute photo of Landon wearing the fireman hat he was given at school from the firefighters who visited; Taylor checking out a ladybug in Landon's insect microscope; photos of our leaders who dressed up for Where's Waldo? Wyld Life Club; and a sweet visit from my Granny. 
Friday, May 11, 2012


trying to find Waldo

snuggling on the couch when Taylor wasn't feeling well

being the "patient" countless times

being a part of Landon's birthday party
My Granny returns to Canada after a monthlong visit. Thankfully, we were able to be with her for 13 of those days. My grandma is very special to me as I have several childhood memories based on my time with her during the summers of my youth. I am just so happy that my kids have the chance to know her too. Now that my grandma is 82, her health dictates her yearly visits. I am thankful that she was healthy again this year to come see us.
Thursday, May 10, 2012

Landon {AGE 4}

My friend Shannon took these amazing photos of Landon. He melts my heart in every single photo.
Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Project Life | Week 17

Week 18 started off with our last day of vacation. The kids enjoyed playing Jenga with Oma and Opa. We left Monday morning to come home, and I was so sad that our vacation went by so quickly. On this page, I included highlights of our week and a piece of paper where Taylor had Opa Lou write down her diagnosis for Oma's hurt foot. It's quite cute! 

Starting on Tuesday, we were back in the saddle. Our grass was really green and the kids enjoyed the sprinklers. Landon also had his 4-year well check. We headed to the pool with the babysitters (who are like cousins to my kids). And we started the process of building a garden. It was a busy week!