Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chalkin' It Up

Today consisted of Gymboree in the morning, packing during the kids naptime, and chalk time in the backyard after dinner. I actually busted out the chalk for the first time this morning with Taylor, and she seemed to like it but wasn't totally into it. I wonder if Taylor or Landon will inherit Hank's God-given ability to draw and create the most beautiful artwork.

Packing hasn't been too fun. I'm making my list and checking it twice.... I just know I will pack too much of something and forget a necessity item. I just can't forget Taylor's blanket. So more than likely this will be my last post until we return. Have a great week everyone!
Sunday, September 28, 2008

Super Busy Sunday

What a weekend! As soon as this blog post is complete, I'm off to bed. Today was another great day. We ran errands in the morning which pushed Taylor's nap back until 12:45, a good hour and a half later than normal. But she slept for 3.5 hours! Wow! She always sleeps well when daddy's home. I don't get it. Maybe he just wears her out more than I do.

This afternoon there were 11 of us from our neighborhood, Desert Trails, to celebrate Bonnie and Shelbi as they get ready to have babies soon. Bonnie is due in 3 weeks and Shelbi is due in 7 weeks. Hank and I are so thankful for our neighborhood. It's really rare these days to find a neighborhood like ours.

For the most part of the baby shower, Hank watched the kiddos upstairs. But then it came to a point where Taylor was yelling "Mama, Mama" repeatedly and louder each time. So I finally let her come down and she enjoyed the yummy cake. Tomorrow I will start to get organized and pack for our trip to Denver. I am so excited to get away from cleaning and chores and just spend time with family and cherishing every moment together.
Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ugg Boots & Date Nights

Only five days left until we leave for our family vacation to Denver. This will be the first trip on an airplane for both Taylor and Landon. Yesterday I was able to go through Taylor's winter wardrobe and pull out some outfits to bring along with us to the cool country. In the cute photo above, Taylor is trying on her Ugg boats that Oma Spelts bought her last Christmas. They still fit but barely as Taylor has skis for feet. But don't worry, that Pepsi cup in the photo is full of ice water.

Hank and I must be living on adrenaline as last night was the fifth night with little sleep. Taylor woke up screaming in pain and we couldn't get her to take Tylenol or go back to bed so we were both up with her for two hours. I'm pretty exhausted, but there's no time for a nap today.

Last night Grandma and Grandpa Schepemaker watched the kiddos so that Hank and I could go to a Diamondbacks game with good friends and former neighbors Tammy and Dave. Tonight we are going on a triple date to see the movie Fireproof with Leanne and Eric and Angie and Steve. Hank and I will catch dinner alone and catch up without our sweet little ones. So we'll be dropping off the kiddos back at Grandma and Grandpa Schepemakers. Two nights out in one weekend is such a treat! But I must admit, I miss my children dearly while we are away.
Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Daddy's Perspective

My life is full of smiles because I get to be with my children and celebrate life with them. I love the little people in my life and of this world, because it's the little people who teach the biggest lessons in life to the big people who are automatically assumed to know more. But I know I don't know much when my kids are constantly creating fresh faith in me and building new character in me. They're teaching me what it means not to worry and to simply trust, to appreciate the small things that go unnoticed. They show me where I lack in patience and when I try to control when I shouldn't. They teach me what it means to just 'be' in the moment and enjoy it for what it is. I realize that every experience they are having these days is fresh and exciting and intrigueing. Not boring. So I have appreciated more rocks in the past 5 months then I have all of my life. Taylor likes seeing the light rocks on the dark rocks and as crazy and simple as it sounds that's valuable to me. She is sweet and playful. Gives me kisses, run headlong into me at top speeds to say hi...only when she's ready though. She says "my momma and daddy", ' Tane u dadda" and so I am blessed at how my kids interact with me. Landon is generous with smiles. He loads them on me and that simply is my joy. He has a gentle gaze but he also growls and laughs when we make eye contact. He's a good time. When he's 7 he'll be able to pin me at the rate he's goin. I like all the hard work of running a family. Not because its easy but because it's hard and challenging and right. What's really in our hearts come blaring out, and the real deal shows up. All the experiences from arguments, frustrations, stresses, dissappointments, to laughs, smiles, lessons, hopes, dreams, and joys; all these things are working just as they're supposed to. The wrong walls are being broke down and the right walls are being built up. Commitment is being strengthened, priorities are being adjusted, personal wants are being forfeited.... all because of family.
Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Teething Troubles

Last night was the third night in a row where both kids woke up due to teething pain. At least that is our best assessment since there really are no other symptoms. So our only plans today were to go to our neighbors house to visit Shelbi and Grace. I was so tired, but I know Grace and Taylor love to hang out with each other. My reward for not being lazy was McDonalds for lunch. I know what you are thinking, but when you are really tired and don't want to cook...a cheeseburger always sounds good.

So I was rushing to get the kids in the car so we could quickly drive to McDonalds and back and still get them down in time for their nap. As I was turning to strap Landon in the car, I hit the corner edge of the car door right in the middle of my forehead. I was dazed for a moment, bleeding for a couple of seconds, but still wanted that cheeseburger. The cashier at McDonald's must have taken one look at me and thought I was nuts.

So after naptime, we hung out in Taylor's room where she likes to play in her kitchen. Landon seemed a little warm so I grabbed the thermometer and sure enough the little guy had 101 fever. No other real symptoms so I have to believe it's due to the teething. I'm no dentist, but it kind of looks like his third tooth may break through any day now. Poor guy is only 5 months old and already battling multiple teeth at once. Like I've said before, teething, immunizations and separation anxiety are three things that no one seems to warn parents about. At least I wasn't forewarned.

So Landon has been battling a fever all afternoon. I'm keeping him medicated and comforted as much as possible. He's just not himself tonight. That's OK though. He's still my sweet little man.

While Landon was taking his last nap of the day, Taylor and I baked cupcakes for small group. I ended up staying home tonight because I was exhausted and still have a headache from bumping my forehead on the door (i'm such a dork), and I wanted to keep a close eye on Landon.

When the nights seem long and the days seem even longer, I seem to get more frustrated and impatient. I know I need to draw closer to God so that He can equip me to be the mom that Taylor and Landon need. I always want to give them my best. I'm such a work in progress....
Monday, September 22, 2008

Little Mama

Today Taylor's surprise arrived at our doorstep. I was looking forward to putting together her twin stroller, which is just like the stroller that I push her and Landon in, and watching her face light up as she saw it for the first time.

All I can say is that she LOVES it! Taylor is the ultimate little mama who likes to push her babies around. We went for a walk in our neighborhood, and she didn't want to come home. I think she would still be out there walking her babies around the block if I let her.

Anyway, besides Tot Town and seeing friends and neighbors, I would say that Taylor's surprise stroller topped her day which made my day. OK, I promise to not buy anymore strollers...until one breaks. Good Night!
Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Best Gift & Pool Pals

First I want to say thank you again to Dr. Frank and Heather Tindall for the AWESOME gift they gave us after Landon was born. I had been wanting this photo box for a long, long time. Heather had known that I was in love with it and totally surprised me with a gift certificate to pick out my own colored photo box and saying. So I ordered my photo box and patiently waited about 7 weeks for it to arrive since it was handmade. And it arrived yesterday. WHOOPEE! Here's a close up view.

Today was another busy day. It started off with breakfast at Hot Bagel and then we drove to Desert Ridge again so my mom could see the kids before going back to California for another month. Soon my mom and dad will be back for the winter and spring and can see the kids more often.

Tonight we had a neighborhood ice cream social at the pool area which was fun. Taylor kept us on our toes once again as she was wanting to walk straight into the pool without hestitation. And neither Hank nor I wanted to jump into the cold water to get her out. So we chased her.... Well Hank chased her most of the night.

We were able to get one quick snapshot of Taylor and her neighborhood buddies Grace and Katie. The photo totally cracks me up because it really shows their personalities. Grace is always ready for something new and she's a good sport and let's us pose her for photos. Katie is totally laid back and chillin' out with the comfort of her little fingers. And Taylor is on the go....almost always and very independent.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Great Day, Rough Night

Today was our day to do something as a family and to serve others. It was a day where we gathered with about 30 neighbors from Vistancia and headed to the unsafe, dirty streets of downtown Phoenix. We brought Oma along and she was gracious enough to sit with the kids in the air-conditioned car while Hank and I talked to the homeless and tried to help them by giving them clothing, food and water. My job was to pass out women's clothing.

I met some interesting people with colorful backgrounds and began praying quietly for these women who were in such great need. One lady was 5 months pregnant, and I found myself praying for this unborn child. I've actually been kind of down all day thinking of the living conditions that this child will be subjected to. Life on the streets is not desirable, but I know God formed this child in the womb and loves this unborn child greatly. He will make a way....

I will keep praying for Bob, Elaine, "Mama" and the many others when I think of them. It's easy to feel proud of helping the down and out, but instead I feel very sad yet grateful for the life we have. We are so blessed no matter what!

On to this evening.... Taylor has been attached to my right hip the past couple weeks. Hank has even noticed this change in Taylor. Well for the past month, Taylor has had a really hard time at our church's nursery. In fact, I was dreading tonight before we even got to church because I knew what was going to happen again... Hank and I said goodbye to Taylor and gave her a kiss and that's when everything happened.

My baby girl turned bright red, started screaming and crying so hard she was choking back the tears. Crying out for momma and I had to leave her. Hank kept saying "you are doing what's best for her" and I was like "this can't be what's best for her, just listen to her". We waited outside her room for 15 minutes to see if she would perk up, but no such luck.

As I was crying outside in the hallway, Hank and the nursery director were trying to talk to me about separation anxiety and how in the end the kids just have to get over it and the will eventually outgrow it. Well call me a pushover, but I wouldn't have any of that. How on earth could I go into church when my heart and mind were with our little girl crying her eyes out?

After 15 minutes, I told Hank that enough was enough. I was going in to save her. She was so happy to see me, but I was even happier to hold her. Who knows what the future has in store for us and when she can actually stay in her class and be happy. In the meantime, we'll just try every week but if it's anything like tonight, she's not staying the whole hour crying. I just can't do that.

Separation anxiety has to be one of the worst things to experience that no book can truly prepare you for. I thought teething and immunizations were rough, well that was cakewalk compared to this.

On a happier note, I finally purchased more pacifiers for Taylor and Landon. They were both down to their last one, and we could never find them when we needed them. Some of you might think Taylor is too old for a pacifier, but it's been our decision to let her keep hers until she's two. And then we'll decide from there what is best. Anyway, since they have some of the same colored pacifiers, I decided to get creative and differentiate Taylor's from Landon's. Here's the final product.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

One Smart Cookie

I was going to take a day off from blogging today, but Taylor did so many cute things that I wanted to write them down and record them for the future. So here are some of the highlights from our day....

I was giving Taylor a shower this morning and was waiting for Hank to come up and get her so I could finish. I said outloud to myself, "Daddy, where are you?" and the next thing I hear from Taylor is "Daddeee, where er you?" I was so shocked that she could repeat what I was saying. It was quite cute.

So after Hank left for work, Landon was napping and I started to pump. And many of you know that when you are pumping, you're kind of tied up for awhile :-) Next thing I know, Taylor comes walking into my office with a mouth full of cookies and the Chips Ahoy bag in her hands. I asked for the bag, which she willingly gave up, but I let her finish eating the cookies that she started on. (If any of you know me well, you know I have a love for junk food.)

So a little later on, I'm trying to get ready for the day and Taylor is going through all of my bathroom cabinets pulling out you know what! So I try to distract her from getting into everything and ask her to go make me some tea. A few minutes later, she comes back with a toy tea cup and gives it to me. That circus act only worked for a couple times. We had to move on to other things. So I asked her to make me a hot dog. She went into her kitchen and quickly came back with both the hot dog and the hot dog bun. I was quite impressed. Who knows, we might have a little chef on our hands.

Taylor has been extremely affectionate today to me. And usually I am the last person to get kisses from her. So I taught her "squeezes" which she tries to say and gives good hugs after she says it. She also kept walking in and out of the room today and would say "bye bye" and then give me a kiss. This little charade repeated itself at least a dozen times. I don't mind at all. I will take as many hugs and kisses as I can get. I really think I enjoy this stage of her life the best. Only because she can now show her feelings and she is so loving to me. Isn't that what every mom wants!

One last thing about Taylor, Hank had made cinnamon rolls this morning and there was one extra that no one could eat because we were too full. So I threw it away in the trash. A few hours later when I was once again tied up to the pump, she comes walking in the office eating that cinnamon roll that was at least 8 hours old sitting next to who knows what in the trash can. All I could do was laugh and she thought she was pretty funny. I asked her to give it to me, but she wouldn't give it up. Today really showed me that Taylor is one smart cookie -- in more ways than one.

Landon has been in lots of pain due to his second tooth coming in. To be honest, I don't know how much longer I can nurse him (I will probably feel differently tomorrow) because he is a chronic biter. And no mamma enjoys being bitten if you know what I mean.

I got him a few winter outfits in preparation for our trip to Denver in a couple of weeks. I dressed him up in a black Addidas outfit, which his dad happens to have the same one for himself, and he looked so stinking cute. I can't wait to get a photo of both of them in the same outfit.
Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Friends & Family

It's been another jam-packed day for me and the kids. This morning Kat and Brody came over and the kids were able to play in the backyard for a little bit. It's starting to cool off slowly but not soon enough. The three of them had fun playing in the water and tormenting our cat Jetta. Taylor kept on yelling "Gee Daa" and my friend Joanna was like "What is she saying?" Well in Taylor's language, Gee Daa is Jetta. Her most favorite pet ever. Thankfully we have a child friendly cat who actually wants to be around the kids. The other cat just hides for the most part.

Anyway, back to our day. After Brody and Kat left and we got our naps in (yes all three of us), we headed over to Desert Ridge to meet up with my parents so they could see the kids. I brought Taylor's shopping cart and she was happy as a clam walking around the edge of the water fountains with her cart. In fact, some of the other kids were trying to take it away to play with it. But over-protective mom stepped in and made sure her little duckling had her toy.

My mom shared a hot dog with Taylor and now she can say "hot dog". Thanks Oma for teaching her another word. After a couple of hours in the warm sun, we headed home. Hank and I had small group tonight so that meant Grandma and Grandpa Schepemaker were coming over to babysit. Always a treat!

Landon's second tooth came in today. He's been waking up at night crying from the pain. It's hard to believe he is 5 months old already. The time sure does fly by....
Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Kissy Face

The past two days have flown by. Yesterday we had fun at Tot Town and then enjoyed the afternoon running errands in town. We ended up at Souper Salad -- one of Tayor's favorite places to eat -- for dinner. Hank took the kids home and I worked out.

Today was great too. We had Gymboree class, came home for a nap, and then headed back for some open gym time. After that, I tried to take the kids to Chik-fil-a for dinner with my college friend Lindsay and her two kids, Abigail and Jackson. Little did we know that we would only last there for 30 minutes. The restaurant was packed due to a school event and so the noise level was really high. We could barely hear each other. Landon was melting down and Taylor was afraid of the Chik-fil-a mascot walking around in costume. (I hope this isn't a bad sign that Taylor will be scared at Disneyland.) So our night out didn't go as planned. I guess dinner's out will be few and far in between with just one parent present. Thanks Lindsay for being so patient and for understanding!

We did manage to capture a few cute photos though before we left Chik-fil-a with a few balloons in tow. Jackson seemed to take interest in Taylor and they kept on kissing each other. She's been kissed by more boys in her short little life than I have in 30 years. Hahaha!
Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another Weekend Gone

Our weekend has come and gone once again. We stayed extremely busy. The video above is from Friday afternoon -- a few hours after Taylor locked herself in the car. I ended up canceling my Friday evening plans to be with my family. I was still pretty upset and didn't feel like I could be peppy and social. Anyway, life is good and Taylor wasn't even phased by our little "adventure". This weekend we had the Kerr family over for pool fun and a BBQ dinner. It is always a treat to spend time with them. I look up to them as they are such godly role models for Hank and I. Today we skipped church. We kind of thought Taylor was on the verge of getting sick. I just prayed that her gummy bear vitamins were kicking in and sparing her from another week of sickness. So far so good! As a family, we delivered two meals to two different couples who recently had a baby. It was a fun way to reach out and bless others. We want to show our children that acts of service is very important and shows love to others.

Here are a couple of my most favorite photos from this weekend!
Friday, September 12, 2008

Lost Control

I'm still shaken up about this morning, but I hope writing this blog entry will be therapeutic....

I should have known today was going to be a crazy day when Taylor decided to wake up at 5:30 and would not go back to bed. Fortunately for me, Hank stayed up with her. The best way that Hank can help me is by taking the kids first thing in the morning. I am not a morning person and I definitely need my sleep.

Let me back track for a second. Last night before Hank and I went to bed, we watched a documentary on 9/11. It was so hard to watch, at one point I was crying and had to walk out of the room. Hank asked me how I would respond if a major catastrophe happened. He said, "Do you think you could hold yourself together?" I said I thought so only if my kids were safe.

Well today I was put to the test. Taylor had a breakdown as we were leaving a mom's coffee time. She was just so tired that I shouldn't have even attempted the coffee time. So to calm her down, I allowed her to sit in the driver's seat with the a/c going. I threw my purse inside and shut the door. Now it was time for me to load Landon in the car.(Do you know where this is going?)

As soon as I shut the door, I heard the locks click. Taylor knows how to push the buttons and lock the car, but she obviously doesn't know how to unlock the car. So my baby girl is locked in the car with my purse, keys and cell phone. My neighbor and I tried to coax her into unlocking the door, but no such luck. I was starting to panic. And then Taylor was starting to cry and panic. And I was helpless, I couldn't control the situation and help her out.

Fortunately, a neighbor was watching and came over to help. He saw me looking for the spare key under the car and freaking out at the same time. And that ground was hot! But he did it, he found the key. I opened the door to my scared little girl and tried to calm her down. She was so upset, I let her sit in the passenger seat on the way home (maybe one mile away)and hold my hand. I learned a lot today on what NOT to do. Now she's asleep and all I want to do is cuddle with her. Maybe when she wakes up....

Hopefully this afternoon will get better. We have open gym time at Gymboree and then dinner with my college friend and her kiddos.
Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Baby Kay Kay

Stephanie and Anthony had their baby today, Mason Andrew. This is child #3 for the family and they kept the sex and name of the baby a secret. Praise God that baby and mom are both healthy even though it was a little scary during the labor process.

So Steph was supposed to meet up with Robin and I (and the kiddos of course) for our bi-weekly triad. It's kind of a funny name for our accountability group. She called right before we were supposed to meet to say she couldn't make it because she was at the hospital trying to have the baby. So we let her off the hook this week :-)

Taylor loves all babies. And she loves little Kay Kay (also known as Kalyn). I caught some cute footage of the three kids sitting together on the couch.

Taylor also today was able to tell us when she has a "poo poo" in the digestive tract. Hank ushered her to the potty and she sat on it, but nothing came out. A few minutes later he was changing her diaper. We thought it was great though that she was able to tell us what she was feeling. Hopefully we can get her to go in the potty real soon. I need to buy some gummy worms for positive reinforcement. I know some people give out M & M's, but I don't know if she would choke.
Tuesday, September 9, 2008

That Good!

Everyone is always asking me, "Is he always that good?" Yes, Landon has to be one of the easiest babies ever. He only fusses if he's overly tired or starving. But even when he fusses, he is still pretty easy. I love how Landon wants to be held and cuddled. When I am nursing him, he wants to hold on to my fingers or hold me somehow. He is my sweet little boy. I thought Taylor was going to be my affectionate child, but I think I was wrong. Dead wrong!

Landon took his first stab at real food and has been eating green beans mixed in with his rice cereal. He seems to like food, and I find myself feeding him more and more. I have a feeling he may eat us out of house and home. Taylor on the other hand has become my picky eater. Sometimes I wonder how her energy level can stay so high with such little intake.
Sunday, September 7, 2008

Good Friends & Baby Abby

Today was a fantastic day! Since we went to church last night, we were able to wake up, relax a little, and head to our favorite bagel joint for breakfast. Soon our good friends, Jason & Robin with 8-month-old Kalyn and Krystal & Cody, would be coming over for lunch. It's hard to believe that almost one year ago, Robin and I stood by Krystal's side as she promised herself to Cody. The time has flown by....

In the photo above, you'll see three kiddos. Unfortunately Landon was napping and didn't make it in the photo. However, Cody felt like he needed to keep the photo consistent with each couple holding a child and therefore grabbed Taylor's baby "Abby", wrapped her up and smiled for the camera. It was pretty funny. After everyone left, Robin and I snuck out and got our nails done. It was so nice to converse with no distractions. Normally we meet for playdates, but our attention is always diverted to the kids and conversations are always short and broken. So today was such a treat where I could have Robin all to myself! Thank you Hank and Jason for letting us get away to indulge a little.

Taylor is a sweet little "mommy" to her baby Abby. Today she was playing with her doll, so I quickly grabbed the camera to see if we could capture some of her nuturing side. This video clip cracks me up for several reasons....

Friday, September 5, 2008

Fun Friday

What a fun day we had! It was packed full of activities and playtime for Taylor and Landon. One thing I've learned is that Taylor is much happier and an easier child, which in turn makes me a better person, when our day is full of activities so she doesn't get bored. I learned my lesson this week by keeping her home without outside interaction...she hated it!

This morning we went over to my friend Joanna's house. Joanna has twins who are only a couple of weeks younger than Taylor. Our kids are used to each other and today showed their affections. We couldn't keep them from kissing each other. It was quite cute. And we ate lunch together. We had yummy McDonalds and all sat together at the same table--that was a treat. I could talk to Joanna and the kids could stuff themselves full and oggle at each other. One of my favorite photos from today was when Taylor and Brody were looking over the baby gate and laughing at Landon (who was sleeping) like he was a caged animal.

After naptime, I took the kids to Gymboree where Taylor was able to play and have fun. Right after Gymboree we headed to Hank's parents house for a 74th birthday party for his maternal grandmother. It was a great time with family and great food! One of the sidedishes was sliced Australian oranges. I think Taylor ate at least 10 slices. Every time I glanced at her, she was cramming another one in her mouth.

I'm so thankful to be a mom. I know God didn't have to give me the gift of children, but He did and for that I am extremely grateful.
Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Girls

In some photos, Taylor looks a lot like me. But really she is the perfect mix of Hank and I. What do you think?

Blogger Challenge: Post photos of you, your spouse, and your children's photos and lets see who likes like whom. Yes, that is proper English :-)

No Doubt

There is no doubt that these two are father and son. I just found the photo of Hank as a baby last night when I was cleaning out my scrapbook stuff and was awestruck at how close Landon resembles his daddy. Landon seems to have my eyes and a bit more of my coloring, but all I can say is "wow".

I stayed home with the kids today. Here is a photo of the kids watching me prepare some snacks for small group tonight. One day soon the kids will be begging to lick the spoon and bowl after mixing brownie batter. I look forward to those days....

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Catch Up

We spent Labor Day putzing around the house. I've developed this "freak nature" where I want to go through the entire house cleaning and organizing every square inch as well as giving away what we don't use anymore. You should see me closet -- it's much more oraganized and simple. I have felt that we just have too much stuff in general and that we need to be good stewards with the possessions that God gives us. So in light of my reducing the excess, our family is joining with other families from our community to feed and clothe the homeless in a few weeks. The homeless people will now be getting lots of our clothing. While I was doing my thing, Hank was working in the backyard. It is now completed! We just sit back there in awe remembering the clump of dirt that it once was. Hank designed the yard and saw it to fruition. Good job honey!

In the afternoon, Hank's parents and his Oma came over and went to the pool with us. Landon was a little cautious at first but enjoyed having Grandma Schepemaker cruise him around in the float boat. Taylor showed her adventurous side by walking down each pool step without stopping and required one of us adults to quickly grab her and bring her to safety. It scares me to think what would happen if we weren't around. We had a really good time at the pool. The weather was nice and the pool water felt wonderful. Hank's parents took us out to Chili's for dinner and that capped off our evening...until I came home and found more stuff to organize :-)

This morning Taylor and I were back at Gymboree for class. She did so well. The main teacher even commented on how engaged Taylor was. Don't get me wrong, she still took off and did her own thing for part of the class. But when she was into it, she was into it. We then met up with daddy and Landon for a quick breakfast at Hot Bagel.

I took Landon back to the pediatrician today to get his 4 shots. I am such a wimp... The nurse kept telling me to pin down his legs. I couldn't watch though. I had to look away. The nurse was really slow and it seemed like an eternity before she was done. As soon as the horrific process was over, I scooped up my baby and cuddled him until the tears stopped. Taylor was watching and looked very concerned for her brother. At one point I thought she was about to start crying herself. Little does she know that next time she goes to the doctor, she'll be getting a shot in the arm. (Landon's shots were in his quads.)

After I put my babies to sleep tonight, I cleaned out my scrapbook room/office. It needed some organizing. Now I need a vacation...or a pedicure at the very least :-)
Monday, September 1, 2008

Last Night

Last night was fun. We had some friends over and enjoyed pizza and playing Taboo. It's kind of funny how our night went. First we let the two little girls take over the living room because we thought they would be distracted by watching Baby Einstein and Veggie Tales. Then there were six of us adults huddled over to one side of the room trying to playing Taboo which requires listening skills. With the TV blaring, two little babies needing to be passed around from adult to adult, two toddlers half watching a movie and half trying to interact with the adults made for a comical evening. Then to top it off we ended the night around 8:00 and I think the adults were more tired than the kids!

Last night was beautiful! It was lightning out with a beautiful breeze but no rain. Once everyone left, I sat outside with Landon for awhile and snuggled with my little boy and tried to give him as much affection as possible in the 20 minutes we had together. I know babies can sense love, and I can sense how happy he is when I kiss him (he tries to kiss me back). I then put Landon to bed and Taylor started chirping in her room. She wanted out. I think she was still wound up from the evening. So I took her outside with Hank. She was on my lap for awhile...until dadda sat down. Then she wanted her daddy. I don't blame her. I tend to smother her a little too much for her liking. We call Taylor "Miss Independent" and that is exactly who she is.

Last night was also a reminder of how awful teething is. Landon woke up twice crying. The first time I thought he was hungry, but when he woke up an hour after the first episode, I broke out the good ol' Tylenol. Between the Tylenol and the teething ointment, he was a happy camper for the rest of the night.

Today Hank is finishing up the backyard by planting lots of flowers. They look beautiful. Taylor has been with him the WHOLE time. She loves it outside and loves to help her daddy. She greeted my this morning (since Hank let me sleep in a little) when I walked outside and said "Mamma, flower". Such a smart cookie!