Saturday, September 25, 2010

Daddy & Daughter Dance

Last night at Cross of Glory, Hank took Taylor to a Daddy & Daughter Dance. Taylor saw some of her classmates, Grace & Shelby, and danced around with them and with Daddy. From the looks of it, Taylor ate a few doughnuts. She had a great time and even came home with a flower. Such a sweet sweet memory.

After Ryland went to bed last night, I read Landon like 4-5 books and we enjoyed a couple of Oreo cookies and milk. I was able to enjoy Landon and have him all to myself. That was a treat too!
Friday, September 24, 2010

Day at the Dentist

I didn't quite know how today would go taking two kids to the dentist. Taylor and Landon had an appointment today for their biannual check-up and cleaning. Every time I mentioned in front of Taylor that her and Landon were going to the dentist soon, she would cry and start to stress about the dentist. I tried my best to calm her fears every single time.

So I was smart enough not to bring Ryland with me. I knew that I would have two somewhat stressed out children and throwing a walking toddler in the mix wouldn't help. Taylor's fear, anxiety and tears would easily affect Landon. If you are sad, he is sad. If you cry, he cries. So in my head, I had an idea of how this experience could quickly go downhill in 2.2 seconds.

Thankfully, after promising Taylor that I would hold her while the dentist looked at her teeth, she conceded. She actually was a total rockstar today; Landon was too! Taylor was brave and was the best example to Landon. And my little buddy thought the moving chairs and dental equipment was quite cool.

I don't give me kids much juice, but they do get some treats from time to time. I am pretty consistent about brushing their teeth, but have never ever flossed their little tiny pearly whites. Today, I was encouraged to start flossing and to continue brushing like I am. They had a perfect report card...some possible teeth overcrowding in the future...but oral care was an A plus! Yay!
Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Flashlights, Expecting Fall & Favorite T

{WEDNESDAY} Here is Taylor modeling her new Sunrise Montessori t-shirt. She has to wear it every Wednesday to school because this is the day that she has P.E. She was so excited to finally wear the bright orange tunic. I have to rubber band it in the back to keep her from drowning in the too big T.

{TUESDAY} This little table in the entry way has always been one of my most favorite places in the house. I love the photos and simple decorations. Taylor and I just added a few pumpkins to add a festive spirit for the anticipation of fall.

{MONDAY} This week we've been pulling out all of the fall decorations. Even though it's still so hot out, we love fall and wanted to get the season rolling. So even though it's hot outside, we are staying cool with the air conditioning and enjoying the fall beauty.

{SUNDAY} Tonight we celebrated Oma Mies. She is now seventy something and is as beautiful and active as ever. We all headed to a yummy Mexican restaurant called El Encanto in Cave Creek and the kids watched the ducks and a Flamenco dancer. Landon even mustered enough guts to dance with her. It was quite cute. Taylor just sat by my side and wanted to watch.

{SATURDAY} My poor little baby. I wasn't there, but I guess Ryland wiggled his way out of the straps and buckles in the stroller. He took a nose dive out and hit the concrete driveway. This is Ryland's first big accident. I'm sure having a fearless little boy means there will be many more accidents in the future. I guess I should brace myself for what's to come.

{FRIDAY} Tonight we play hide and seek in the dark for the first time. I wondered if the kids would get scared and ask us to stop...they didn't. Instead, they kept on requesting to play one more time. Hank found a great spot in the closet; the kids and I hid from Daddy under the bed. This was such a fun game!
Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ballerinas, Knights & Barbie

{THURSDAY} Today Taylor had show and tell at her preschool. For days I have been asking her to think of what she wanted to bring. We went back and forth several times...I was even tempted to make the choice for her. But I didn't...I want this to be her experience, not mine. So she ended up bringing her "pink princess Barbie". I don't know about you, but this Barbie looks like she's on drugs or something. Her hair is out of control. Anyway, back to the story...I asked Taylor what she was going to "tell" her classmates about Barbie and this is what she said. "My pink princess Barbie eats carrots, wears flip flops, and likes to play with Legos." Hmm, this sounds oddly familiar!

{WEDNESDAY} Discipline is a definite art. We definitely don't get it right most of the time, but I do appreciate the times we do get it right. Like today, Taylor was exhausted and grumpy. Nothing made her happy and she was unruly. So she sat in timeout several times. I think she even got spanked once. Anyway, the point is that I love how Hank got down to her level to talk to her about what was going on. We always try to reconnect with the kids and talk about what happened, and how to make it better next time. This photo was priceless with Ryland around wanting part of the action and Taylor feeling remorseful for her attitude.

{MONDAY} Today was the first day of dance class for the new session. Taylor was so excited and looked forward to tap and ballet. This time she has a new teacher and will be learning dance moves that will eventually turn into a routine. If she keeps it up, she will have a recital in the spring. I love that she found something that she loves to do!

{TUESDAY} Boys are so different than girls. Boys will hit you hard and in the head...that combined makes it even better for them. Hank and I have a desire to raise Landon to be a modern day knight. (No, we haven't read the book yet, but we definitely want to!) This knight costume was in the dollar section at Target. I couldn't pass it up for him!

{SUNDAY} I managed to fill up my free time with household projects. While Taylor and Landon were away, I cleaned all of the carpets, planted fresh flowers, and pulled out my fall decorations. It was fun and gets me excited for the cooler weather to come!

{SATURDAY} Oma Mies watched Ryland so Hank and I could go out to dinner with our closest friends, Scott and Kim. We had a wonderful time and spent 4 hours talking away. Time literally flies by when we are with our good friends.

{FRIDAY} Taylor and Landon went camping with Grandma Carol, Grandpa Don, Uncle Josh, Aunt Kendrie and Laila. They all had a wonderful time from the stories I've been told and the photos I've seen. The house was much quieter for the few days they were away.
Sunday, September 12, 2010

Play Doh, Piano & Planes

{THURSDAY} Since my in-laws took Taylor and Landon camping for the weekend, I was able to sneak away for Girl's Night with my mom and all of her closest friends. These women I have known for decades...since I was a young girl. They are like aunts to me and they love my children. So Ryland was with me and enjoyed all of the extra attention. But once we put him to bed, we ate dinner together and watched a good movie.

{WEDNESDAY} Tonight I was able to work on Ryland's baby scrapbook. The album captures all of his memories from birth to one year. It's now complete! Such a good feeling to have that major project accomplished.

{TUESDAY} She just can't get enough! My child seriously SERIOUSLY has a passion for crafts. Anything including scissors, glue, glitter paint, tape, stamps, markers and stickers are her ultimate favorite crafting items. Every single day when I pick her up from Montessori school, Taylor has some sort of craft to show me that she made that day. At this school, they let the kids choose different work stations to "work" at... I'm sure Taylor often visits other stations because she is asked to, but if it's up to her, you will ALWAYS find her in the craft station. Such my kid!

{MONDAY} Since today was Labor Day, Hank had the day off from work...a rare treat! So we took the kids to the Deer Valley Airport. We were surprised and happy to run into our good friends Scott and Pam who brought their little ones, Riley and Vera to the airport for lunch. Once the weather cools off, the airport will be the best place ever!

{SUNDAY} Today was Hank's grandma's birthday celebration. Gloria, who we have given her the name of G.G. (for Grandma Gloria) loves to play the piano. And so does Landon. Maybe it was passed down in the blood or something but Landon already at two years old has an innate ability to hear choruses and repeat them with the same tone. He even has the right finger placement for piano. We think little Landon might be musically talented, at least we can hope for that!

{SATURDAY} I joke around that you know I am in a really good mood when I get the Play Doh out for the kids to play with. They love it; I hate it. It makes such a mess! But the kids really can have fun playing with it for at least an hour. They are just so young that they really want you to make stuff with them. So Saturday morning with Hank home was the perfect time for us to get out the goods. So glad we did because we were able to make Daddy a yummy breakfast of bacon and eggs...out of Play Doh of course.