Monday, January 31, 2011

PJs, the Park & a Photo Shoot

{THURSDAY} Today Taylor had show and tell as well as Pajama Day at her afternoon preschool. She was so excited to bring her beloved blanket to school. Wearing pink Disney princess pajamas to school was a close second. The kids watched Pee Wee Penguin (i think) and munched on popcorn. I love this school!

{FRIDAY} Today was a special treat for my kids. I took them to the park AND they got to play with their new BFFs -- Elly, Boe and Gray. We always enjoy our time with the Mac Pack!

{SATURDAY} In December, I won a photo shoot with Lorie V Photography. So I decided to use it on Taylor to capture her 4th birthday. I quickly took this photo while Lorie was setting everything up. So far I have only seen two of the photos and I am beyond excited to see the rest.

{SUNDAY} Yay! More time with our good friends. After meeting up for lunch at Paradise Bakery, Carrie and her crew took us to Charming Charlie's for the very first time. Such an awesome girl's store! The boys were good sports and had fun too trying on crazy sunglasses. It was a fun Sunday afternoon.

{MONDAY} I told Landon he had to get warm clothes on and shoes before he could go outside this morning. This is what he ended up in. I wanted to burst out laughing but didn't want to hurt his feelings. Sure gave me a good little giggle!
Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Taylor's Birthday Week

{FRIDAY} Today is Taylor's 4th birthday. I think back to four years ago and try to savor the memories of her birth and the first few weeks after she was born. She has been and always will be a miracle. So to celebrate her special day, my mom took Taylor and I to see Disney on Ice. It was a fantastic show! Taylor wore her princess gown and was treated like the little princess that she is. 

{SATURDAY} Today we had Taylor's birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza. She invited her friends from preschool. In fact, Taylor is such a planner that she had me write the list and read it back to her. She kept on adding a friend here and a friend there. Though she is a social little girl and loves her friends greatly, she shied away from all of the attention when they began to sing happy birthday to her.

{SUNDAY} Taylor received two doll twins for her birthday to add to her already growing plethora of dolls. She has been such a good mommy to them. Today she asked me to feed one of her babies because she ran out of milk. I was like, well, I ran out of milk too so let's just put them to sleep :-) She's a crack up!

{MONDAY} Today at Taylor's Montessori school, they celebrated her birthday. I sent in photos of each birthday Taylor has celebrated so far and her classmates passed around the photos and gave her a birthday crown. It was fun to pull out the photos and see how my baby is growing up right before my eyes.

{TUESDAY} Ryland is a mess! He enjoys his food though and since he has been recovering from croup, we try to feed him as often as possible since he has become the pickiest eater ever. It warms my heart to look at this photo even though the floor is a filthy mess underneath his highchair.

{WEDNESDAY} My granny gave me a sewing machine about 10 years ago. I've maybe used it twice before today. So it would be accurate to say that I am relearning how to sew all over again. I'm starting off simple, but hope to take a class or learn from a friend how to make pillows and such. Today I had to sew up one of Taylor's favorite dresses that had a 10 inch rip on the side. Now it's as good as new!
Sunday, January 23, 2011

Disney on Ice Experience

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Princess Turns 4

Our little girl is quickly becoming a little lady. Every time I lay eyes on my firstborn, I thank God for allowing me of all people to be Taylor's mommy. She is one of the best gifts God has ever given our family. So our princess turned four's kind of hard to believe. She talks like an adult and tells us what to do and how to do it in typical firstborn fashion. She knows more than she probably should, finds pleasure in everything, and loves fiercely. Taylor is just so special in so many ways. My heart melts every time I pray with her, snuggle with her, and watch her grow and learn. Taylor, in total princess style, enjoyed Disney on Ice today for her 4th birthday. To me, she is even more beautiful than any princess Disney can create. 
Thursday, January 20, 2011

Croup & Cupcakes

{SATURDAY} Ryland has affectionately been dubbed the name "the little monster". My dad first gave Ryland this name and it has kind of stuck. See photo above for one possible reason why! Ryland is the cutest thing ever but also a very mischievous little boy. I am thankful for the wonderful vacuum that I have because that sucker is used every day in our house mainly due to Ryland's playful antics!

{SUNDAY} Painting our office was probably not the bonding time that my dear husband had in mind for his beloved days off from work. But he ended up being a good sport and helped me give our little office a facelift. At first, I wasn't sure about the blue that I finally decided on, but once it was on the walls I really loved it.

{MONDAY} Tasks, tasks, tasks...that explains our 3-day weekend in our home. Hank's big project, besides helping  me paint the office, was to organize our over-crowded garage. Don't feel too bad for him, he also got to enjoy Hot Bagels with the family!

{TUESDAY} Taylor stayed home today from her two schools. She was sick over the weekend with a virus that was turning into croup. Thankfully I had some leftover medicine from Ryland's December episode and it helped her turn the course to becoming healthy again. When Taylor is sick, she loves to snuggle on the couch with her pink blanket and watch Dora. 

{WEDNESDAY} Yes, I am crazy! I had my camera stashed in my purse as always and took a quick photo of Ryland being transported via ambulance from urgent care to the emergency room. After spending the entire day at Thunderbird Hospital for observation, he was set free and allowed to come home. It's been a rough couple of nights, but the little monster is on the mend.

{THURSDAY} If it wasn't for my parents coming over to help me today, Taylor would have stayed home again from school. And if she stayed home from her afternoon preschool, she wouldn't have been able to celebrate her birthday with her classmates. So after baking cupcakes and decorating them together {really Taylor did most of the decorating}, my parents took over and I went to bed. I really have to thank my in-laws, my parents and Joanna for helping out last minute!
Friday, January 14, 2011

Dazed & Confused

{TUESDAY} Landon is loving his new BBQ grill that he got for Christmas. And on his back he is carrying his tool kit. This photo cracks me up for many reasons. And doesn't he look a little like Ghost Busters with the backpack and all? I love this kid. Sweet, sensitive and all boy!

{WEDNESDAY} Hank and I were given 4 tickets to the Phoenix Suns game from our Young Life family. We took our neighbor friends Jim and Shannon as they are joining us to start up Peoria Wyld Life. We had a great night! It was a long night and I paid dearly the next day, but it was a lot of fun!

{THURSDAY} Something look a little out of place? This is how I dressed Landon for school and didn't even realize it until right before naptime. I was so tired from staying up late the night before, I put on this cute boy's shirt on inside-out. I'm officially losing my mind! Thank you Lord that this coming weekend is a 3-day weekend. I see sleep in my future....

{FRIDAY} As if I don't have a million other things to do, I am desperately trying to find a new paint color for our office. I have had the goal of decorating and redoing our office for awhile, but honestly that's not gonna happen for awhile until I can save up some money. So my quick fix is to repaint and reorganize. I am so utterly confused. I hope to paint the walls of the office this weekend, but we shall see. The zoo or sleep or a pedicure might win out!
Monday, January 10, 2011

Teachable, the First Trim & Typical Outfits

{THURSDAY} We're starting a new thing in our home last week. At dinner time, we will focus on one Godly characteristic a week and discuss it with the kids. This was our first week and the virtue that we are explaining to the kids is "teachable". Hank pulled out his acting skills and made us all laugh as he tried to show us scenarios of people being teachable and unteachable. It's been a fun lesson.

{FRIDAY} Little man didn't really need a haircut all that bad, but he was starting to look like a little old man with longer locks of hair in the back and shorter hair on top. So I took him to Great Clips and got him cleaned up. As long as he had a sucker in his mouth, he sat quietly and was one happy camper.

{SATURDAY} Today was Elly's 5th birthday party in a local park. I took Taylor and Landon who had a blast and want to go back to the park daily. Elly's mommy and I are good friends and so our kids are able to see each other and develop friendships of their own.

{SUNDAY} I stayed up late last night to finish our family 2010 scrapbook. I left the album out on the table the night before and caught Taylor looking through it. When I went to grab my camera, she was gone but Landon was perusing through the album. I sure hope my kids will appreciate and love the scrapbooks one day as much as I do.

{MONDAY} This is a typical day in our household. Taylor has undressed herself from her school clothes and has put on her dancing gear, and Landon has stripped himself down to underwear/a pull-up/or in the buff and accessorizes his immodest wardrobe with his lovely cowboy boots. Most days the boots are on the right foot, but some days they aren't. He could care long as they are on!
Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year, New Start

{SATURDAY} In my quest to clear out all holiday decorations, I gave my entry table a little facelift. This little area has to be one of my favorite spots in the house. I love the colors and the photos of the kids. It really warms my heart every single time I walk past it.

{SUNDAY} Ryland is mastering the stairs. He can slide down on his tummy pretty fast. Of course I still keep a close watch on him and don't let him play on the stairs if I'm not around. Who knew the stairs could be so much fun!

{MONDAY} My parents came over to watch the kids while I worked this week. All three of the kids welcome the company and enjoy playing hide & seek, taking bull rides around the living room, and playing doctor.

{TUESDAY} I'm a very practical person (so I think) and this year I only established two "resolutions" or goals so to speak. I wanted to be realistic yet continue to challenge myself. So one goal is to continue taking a photo a day, and my new challenge is to read through the whole Bible in 2011.

{WEDNESDAY} My friend Brenda invited me to a Becky Higgins Project Life Launch Party. Becky lives in my community and I've seen her at swim lessons, but I've never introduced myself and said thank you for her creative invention: Project Life. Last night was my chance to meet her and check out her beautiful home and to be inspired to lunge forward with my hobbies of scrapbooking our lives.