Sunday, February 26, 2012

Accident Prone



Hank's parents are fantastic grandparents to my little ones. Don and Carol knew that Hank and I had a junior high all-night event this past Friday night and kept the kids for not just Friday night but Saturday night as well. The thought was that Hank and I would sleep most of Saturday to recover from Friday night, and then Hank and I could have a date night Saturday night before picking up the kids Sunday morning.

One little diversion happened though.... Early Saturday morning, Taylor decided to show Grandma and Grandpa her cartwheels. Landon thought he would do the same thing. As Landon attempted his cartwheel, his arm gave out and he came crashing down on the floor hitting his shoulder smack into the floor. My father-in-law heard an instant crack and knew things didn't look good. Shortly after 8:00 am on Saturday morning, I got the phone call about the accident and needed to meet Don and Landon at an urgent care. Thankfully, I had left the all-nighter in the middle of the night because I physically couldn't stay awake all night...I'm just not built that way. So I had at least 5 hours of sleep compared to Hank who had 0 hours of sleep.

As Hank was driving home, I was heading to urgent care. The end result showed a really bad fracture in a V shape and the doctor thought surgery may be required. She wanted us to head to the ER for a second opinion. So off we went to the ER with a little boy in severe pain. He really was such a trooper! After hearing the doctor at urgent care explain her fears, I started to tear up at the word "surgery". Thankfully, I wasn't alone. My father-in-law helped me every step of the way.

The ER doctor took one quick look at the x-ray and at Landon and said he just needs to give it time and the bone will literally repair itself. We were kind of confused at how two doctors could tell us two completely different things, but we trusted his wisdom. So after 5 minutes in the ER, Landon headed home with Grandpa and would be nursed back to health until Hank and I got him the following day.

This was so hard for me to let someone else take care of my little boy who was hurt. But Hank and I still needed to sleep and recover from the previous night. We were quite content with the care we knew our little ones were getting while we stayed away for another 24 hours to celebrate our upcoming anniversary.

Landon is still in A LOT of pain and I will be following up with a pediatric orthopedic doctor first thing Monday morning. Please pray for Landon that his clavicle bone will heal correctly and that the pain will quickly go away.

Project Life | Week 7

The week of LOVE. Valentine's Day was extra special for my kids because they woke up to a special breakfast consisting of heart-shaped pancakes. Then they went to school and enjoyed a party exchanging Valentines, and then I took them to our good friends house for a lunch party. They loved every minute of it!

During week 8, we also took Ryland to the dentist since he had a little accident and ran into one of our Wyld Life kids and blood was gushing from a possible damaged tooth. The dentist took a peek and thought he was perfectly fine. Such a relief! Having boys = lots of doctor's appointments! This week we also had a visit from my Aunt Monica from Canada. The kids remembered her from her last visit in October and enjoyed their afternoon with their Oma, Opa and Great Aunt Monica.
Thursday, February 16, 2012

Project Life | Week 6

Week 6 started off with Super Bowl Sunday. We enjoyed a party at some friends of ours from church. There was a trampoline in the backyard and that was a huge bonus for our kids. I also treated myself to a manicure this week...totally out of the blue...and Taylor tied her shoes for the very first time on her own with no assistance. Such a proud moment for her!

We also attended a Valentine's party where the kids decorated cookies, were read a Valentine party, and exchanged Valentines. This week I also took Taylor to her first girls bible study called Polished Cornerstones. And last but not least, Taylor has been begging us to take off her training wheels. So with much hesitation, Hank did it. She gets quite frustrated if she can't do something the right way and right away, so Hank had to have a good pep talk with her before the lesson took place. Such a sweet moment.  

At Polished Cornerstones, the girls were taught a valuable lesson on becoming a skillful woman. Taylor wrote down that she wants to become skillful at: crafting, sewing, baking and teaching. I love her heart!
Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Surprise breakfast for my babies.

Valentine's lunch at our good friends...the Mac Pack.

Carrie had thought of everything...yummy food, delicious homemade treats and funky glasses.

Testing out the cookie icing to make sure it is legit.

Landon savoring Taylor's cookie.

In her prime with her BFF and tons of SUGAR!
Thursday, February 9, 2012

Project Life | Week 5

Our week seemed to be a little less chaotic than what our weeks can be. A Smash Burger opened up close to our community so we were eager to try it out. We liked it a lot! Also, Ryland has been carrying around multiple trucks and cars. He is even lining them up. I think this is what they call "Monster Jam effect".
The end of the week was more fun activities...girls night out for me and a birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza for the Polling twins. I also included our invitation for the dinner club through church, some more journaling of our week, and a cute photo of Landon with his fake ugly teeth.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Project Life | Week 4

The week started off with my friend Joanna coming over to take photos of Taylor to photograph my new 5 year old. The week also consisted of several craft projects between painting and jewelry making.

This week we watched the Republican Presidential candidates debate and I took Taylor to the doctor for her 5-year well check. Taylor is 80% for height and 30 % for weight. I love that they are already testing her for scoliosis as well as hearing and vision tests. She passed them all and is one healthy kid! We also attended our first Monster Jam that was so incredibly fun and so loud. We want to go back next year!
I still plan to include at least one insert with some of the professional photos of Taylor, our tickets from the Monster Jam, and a printout of the interview I had with Taylor to capture her youth at this point in time.