Monday, September 24, 2012

Project Life | Week 38

Week 38 | Started the week off with dinner at our sweet friends from college, the Villanuevas. We also hosted Oma's birthday dinner at our house on Monday night.

This was also the week that Ryland was potty trained. Yay! I included a photo of Ryland who snuck in my bed with Hank and was sleeping in my spot. And Landon had his first 'boys only' playdate. While these days are long and hard, I sure treasure them and know our babies will be adults soon enough. 

Project Life | Week 37

WEEK 37 | Polished Cornerstone's kick-off, empty closet as part of Taylor's discipline, and a school photo of Taylor and her friends.

Polished Cornerstones questionnaire about Taylor.

Ryland's artwork from church.

The end of the week included lots of baking for Taylor. She got an Easy Bake oven from a garage sale for $5, and I bought her lots of baking products. This kid baked three days straight. I also included a photo of her first tap/ballet class for the school year.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Project Life | Week 36

Week 36 included Labor Day and Grandma Gloria's birthday. It's also a transition week for us. Hank will be home a little more and will get to spend more time with the kids.

On Saturday we took a little road trip to Wickenburg to an apple orchard and picked some apples for an upcoming canning class for Taylor's Polished Cornerstones study that she attends with other little girls from church. It was still quite hot out and there were very little apples to pick, but the experience was fun and unique.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Project Life | Week 35

Week 35 was pretty normal. The boys and I rush home after preschool to get lunch and naps in before we head back to get Taylor in the afternoon. When Taylor comes homes, she is exhausted most days. Some days, she is ready to go and play with her brothers. One day they played "library" and took turns acting as the librarian. At least once a week, Grandma Carol picks up Taylor from school and spends one-on-one time with her. Carol sent me a phone from her cell phone of their tea party. I included that in my layout.

This week Taylor learned how to sew on a button at school so I included the fabric in the layout. I also took a photo of me and my 2-week heart monitor. Nothing too crazy happening right now. Life is in transition stage and although we don't know what each day will hold, there is some excitement that maybe relief is on the horizon. Hoping so...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Project Life | Week 34

Week 34 was all about back to school. We are settling into a new schedule with Taylor staying at school until 3:00. It is so different having two kids instead of three. By the time Taylor gets home, I am so excited to see her because I have missed her so much. She is doing well and loves eating lunch at school. I am now packing her lunch every night. For the first day of school, Hank and I wrote love notes to her. I hope to make a habit of that. Ryland also had his 3 year well check this week and is super healthy. He is not as long and lean as his siblings. We think he is built a little differently. He is so cute I love him to pieces.

I really didn't get around to taking too many photos this week. I did include a photo that my MIL sent me on my cell phone. Taylor and Landon got into grandma's makeup and turned Landon into a ninja policeman. The kids have really grown in one year. It's amazing as I study their first day of school photos from last year til now. I'm so glad that I am able to document their lives in such a detailed way. These years are passing all too quickly.