Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Project Life | Weeks 43-45

WEEK 43 | My parents were in town for a few days, and we really enjoyed our time with them. They were able to attend Taylor and Landon's soccer game as well as Ryland's t-ball game. 

Shortly after my parents left, I came down with a horrible chest cold so Hank spent most of the weekend with the kids while I was home in bed. I was able to muster up enough strength to be part of our Friday family night where we watch the Amazing Race together.

WEEK 44 | Thankfully I work from home and was able to work from my bed for a few days. The kids received their school pictures. Just another reminder that they are growing up quickly.

Fall is definitely here! Leaves have fallen everywhere and it's starting to get really cold. On Halloween night, Hank took the kids trick or treating around the neighborhood and then we went over to our neighbors house for a party. Over the weekend we had some new friends come over for dinner and it was fun to be with Zanna and Chad. 

WEEK 45 | Yay...proofs of our fall family photos came back and I was super excited to see them!

This week was super special as Landon competed in his very first speech meet, and Taylor continue to advance her tumbling skills in a class that she takes with the big girls once a week. Her coach is starting up a competitive cheer leading team and has already asked us to consider enrolling Taylor in it. They big girls practice with Taylor on top as a flyer as she loves it. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Discovering New Talents

This boy amazes me daily. I expect a lot from my children, but I don't expect them to be perfect, to be the best, or to be like their parents. I desire for my kids to be kind, loving, balanced and set apart from the world. And just when I think I have figured one of them out, they totally grow and surprise me with new talents/desires/hobbies.

Rewind to a couple of weeks ago, Landon came home from school and told me that he was chosen to participate in the upcoming district's speech meet. To qualify, Landon had to memorize several verses in the Bible and stand up before a panel of judges who assessed his ability to speak in front of an audience. Well, he must have done well because he was chosen to represent his school along with some of his classmates and would be participating in the upcoming speech meet.

I was so proud of him. See, his big sister Taylor usually gets all of the limelight for her beauty, talents and good grades. Yet here is my middle child who is also equally talented and handsome and smart. He is just starting to shine in his own way.

When Landon was born, there were some complications that landed him in the NICU for 11 gut wrenching days. For the first year of his life, he had to be evaluated by the state to make sure he was progressing normally. And at age 4, he did have a short stint of speech therapy. So when he came home (and was the only one chosen among his siblings) and told me that he made it to the district speech meet, I was elated. I was so excited for him!

At the speech meet, you can receive a blue (superior), red (excellent), or white (good) ribbon. Landon knew his verses backwards and forwards and he received a red ribbon. Super exciting especially since this was his very first year competing. I am so excited for Landon to continue to explore his passions and talents. I can't wait to cheer him on whatever he chooses. He's my boy!