Monday, March 16, 2015

Project Life | Weeks 8-10

WEEK 8 | I didn't take very many photos this week but I did get one of the kids at the dentist.

WEEK 8 | Crazy week of snow. The second day of Taylor's dance competition was actually canceled due to the severe snow. We spent a couple of nights at a hotel in Westminister for Taylor's first competition. The kids all loved it!

WEEK 9 | Still cold weather and snow and ended the week with some sledding.

WEEK 10 | Another week where I didn't take many photos but a busy week none the less! 

WEEK 10 | Hank and I had a date night as we celebrated out 17th wedding anniversary.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Project Life | Week 6

WEEK 6 | Teaching Ryland to read this week. It's so fun!

WEEK 6 | I took a day off from work and took Landon to breakfast and helped him study for his first spelling bee. He did great!

Project Life | Weeks 2 - 5

WEEK 2 | The kids were finally able to have their Christmas play. The school had to cancel the original date right before Christmas because several of the lead characters all caught the flu. The play was adorable!

WEEK 2 | Taylor and Landon have asked me several times to cook with them. So on the Saturdays that we are home, we try to have a cooking class.

WEEK 3 | I guess I didn't take too many photos this week. But the one above of Ryland playing with his dinosaur track naked right after a bath makes me smile!

WEEK 3 | My parents came to town for Taylor's birthday allowing Hank and I to travel to Florida with his aunt and uncle for a flooring show. So fun!

WEEK 4 | We went to both sides of Universal Studios and rode the roller coasters until we couldn't walk straight!

WEEK 4 | We came home on Taylor's birthday and took our family to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. All Taylor really wanted for her birthday was a sleepover with a few of her friends. So we took them all bowling and then back to our house for camping in the basement.

WEEK 5 | Landon was selected to participate in the district spelling bee so this week he needed to study a lot! And I love the photo of the boys above getting along peacefully side-by-side in the bathtub. Love those sweet moments!

WEEK 5 | Hank and the kids made a special dish from Holland for Cultural Day at school. It snowed a lot this week.